Muni for sale!

This baby is indestructible! Krashin Kenny, another forum member made this and did a great job. The forks are actually interchangeable if you like to make stuff. I had thought about making some 20" ones and getting a wheel and then just switch over whenever I get bored but it wasn’t cost effective! Ha! For $160 I will ship conus. Any of you guys who want to hit the trails this is a great one for you.

That a square tapered hub?

what is the difference? I don’t know what you mean so I can answer that. Probably why I am selling this, don’t use it.

Since the crank bolt appears to be a normal external hex head I’m quite sure it will be square taper. Also, is this a 26" or 24"?

thank you! Now I know. Yes I believe it is the first one and it is a 24". Thanks!

Sold to me

Here’s some specs Kenny had given on it before:

“I can tell you everything you need to know about it. I built it several years ago and sold it to another member here on the forum. The legs and seat tube are made of 4130 chromoly tubing and the clamping section of the crown is very stable and secure. It has 150 mm Nimbus X cranks with a wheelset. The bearing holders are made from shaft collars and are very solid (unlike some of the weak bearing clamps used on cheap unis).”

Hope you’re still ridin uni and uke’in friend!

So probably 40mm bearings…

Dane! Actually sold this to fund another uke! Still have a 26" and a 29". I just ride to go places, nothing fancy. rem