Muni for sale soon

i havent added it all up or decided what im going to keep off of it yet but if anyone is looking for a nice muni keep your eyes peeled for a new thread with more details.

for now i know the KH frame and the Profile wheel are going for sure, the hang up is my Magura brake and my seat. i think i may want to keep those (for now)

ive had a new project on my mind for a long time and havent had the cash to do it. i also didnt want any down time without a muni before the 2004 cal muni trip, but now that its over i can get on with it. thats about the crux of the biscut for now.

attached teaser pic below.


Looks to be a 24" …?

Can you post some dimensions of the wheel and tire type and make …?

P.S. biscut = biscuit ?

its the teaser? pic.

yeah its a 24 and more detail will come tonite or earlier tommorow in an official thread. depending on what i strip off it, its going to be between $700 and $900 smackers.

thanx for the gmail name suggestion.

Jagur, if you do decide to sell the seat and seatpost, I’d buy them.


I am definetely interested. I am buying a new muni this winter, and need a good setup, so Send the Specs of what you are selling and I will definetely look into it.

Selling a seat is like selling a jock strap, you just dont do it. He’d be crazy to sell a seat after he’s already broken it in with a nice ass groove and all…


Ive seen Jagur’s ass up colse, and boy, I wouldn’t mind sitting in his ass groove any day… But seriously Jag If you sell it as a complete with the brake and seat I would almost definetely buy it(as long as its solid and reasonably priced).

its probobly the CF plate and the Wallis handle that he wants though Chex… the Gemcrest leather seat cover does have a nice groove on…yeah lol

It’s about time! You haven’t sold a unicycle in months now!

i totaly agree Paco.

Damn, ousted.

Mike, I dunno about you, but the groove is groovy. It gives the seat personality.

Jagur: yeah, you’re right. I’m mostly after the rail adapter and seatbase, since I have the rest of the parts to build another frankenseat at home. But the whole seat would be pretty sweet. Whatever you want to do…


Jag before you start selling parts, Post the specs of the entire uni, because thats what I am looking to buy, and I would bet that your price is within my price range.

man you dudes should just wait for kris’s new uni’s to come out. there gonna be sweet!


im sure it will be but so is mine. as lots of people know the wait could be a very long…then theres the possible recalls.

edit: pic’s coming soon and a whole new thread.