MUni for all?

i own one loverly custom muni and an old batterd crank twisted old "24 and i was just wondering if a muni would be suitible for all types of riding including just road riding and iding while juggling?

or is it time to invest??


Depends what muni you have. Either way I doubt it would be perfect for any of the things you mention, but you could certainly do them to an extent, just not as well as say a 20/24" for idling or a 26/29" road uni for urban use. If you have the cash, why not go for another uni? They’re relatively cheap!

muni for all

im not really good on the muni maybe i should invest in a freestyle uni or a smaller "20 or "19 trials? where in uk r u?

I used my muni as the general-purpose unicycle before the fleet expanded. It’ll work, but you will wear the tyre out faster on the tarmac than on the trail.

I invested in a smooth tyre (fireball, but something like a Hookworm looks the job) and some shorter cranks to convert the muni into a faster pavement cycle, you could give that a try.


I was using a friends Muni for a while on pavement, and it performed better than my torker. The muni also had the fireball tire on it, and the PSI was signifigantly lowered than normal, which made for a fairly comfortable ride.