MUni film on World Film Festival tour.

Hi all,

I just got back from a film festival called the Banff Festival of Mountain Films
and wanted to share some cool news. A 4 minute film-short was made of a segment
I shot for a video, New World Disorder, and entered in the festival. Although it
didn’t win any awards it has been selected to be part of the “Best of the Fest”
World Tour. It will be shown in at at least 130 cities in North America, and
several countries in Continental Europe as well. There is a very good chance it
will also air in Australia, Chile, Iceland, New Zealand, Scotland and South
Africa as well.

To check locations and dates of showing, check the URL

BTW for you rock climbers out there you might be
psyched to know that Ron Kauk is now totally psyched on mountain unicycling!



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I’ve heard about that film festival before, and i’m both a climber and a unicyclist.
P.S Awesome line at the trials comp at unicon in “Journey”

Kris, will it be in the “regular” collection of the Radical collection?

Erm… This post was from 12 years ago…


I totally missed the date :roll_eyes:

Bummer too as I was looking forward to seeing a new film by Kris :frowning: