muni festival in nanimo?!

I heard this from a source up in Nanimo that there was going to be a unicycle festival this upcoming thursday.
Does anybody else know anything about this?? :thinking:

Re: muni festival in nanimo?!

Really? I’ll go… Nanaimo on Vancouver Island?

P.S. Aaron, are you still on the island?


Nope… back in cowtown… I’ll be out sometime 'round the 2nd week in july

Re: muni festival in nanimo?!

>Nope… back in cowtown… I’ll be out sometime 'round the 2nd week in



Dude, Unibrow, ever thought that your avatar might be a bit inappropriate, perhaps even offensive to some?


pfftttttt its just the internet man…

… your point being…? :thinking:


It shouldn’t offend you man… don’t take something so little so serious

Strictly speaking, it is not up to you to determine what offends someone else or no. If you mean that it may offend some, but you don’t care, that is another matter altogether. Also, strictly speaking, Erin didn’t state whether or not it offends her. She simply asked a question.

Raphael (who is merely providing moral support and knows Erin could probably kick my ass) Lasar
Matawan, NJ

it was implied as advice not as a demand my friend

can we try to keep the topic of the post?
I say if you have a beef over somthing start a new post,
So the rest of us can continue on with what we clicked to read.

Just a thought,
Cheers, Laur