MUni Features?

What features should a muni have?

How wide of a tire? I saw one it looked to be about 3", how wide should the fork be to accomodate the wheel?
How Many Spokes?
Brakes? Y/N where does hand break attachment go? On the pipe coming off of seat post?
Splined Cranks? Y/N
Metal Pedals with Teeth for grip? Y/N
What kind of saddle?
Round or squared off fork?
Would a break under the front seat handle be helpful?
What else?


most of theas things depend on how much you want to spend and how hard-core you are

Im talking about the ultimate, complete Mountain unicycle. Dont even think about pricing.


Buy a Kh 24" 2005 or Onza 24" 2005, buy a Magura HS33 single brake kit, job done.


most muni riders ride a 24 x 3.0 in tire

well profile hubs have 36 holes so i gess 36

yah you need breaks if for no other reason than thay look cool


yea plastic ones get slick in the mud

most run a cf bace with air

well the hunter frames are rounded so i would say round

Hard-core, like my dog Herbert Kornfeld?

What does bein’ hard have to do with riding muni? I think you’re a bit confused, 'pa.

As for the ulti-Muni, I’ve got one word. Profile. Nuff said. I’m out. Peace.

This is the '04 but not too shabby.

not being hard like a gangster i ment big drops all out about muni hardcore

Wheel: Sun doublewide, Profile hub/cranks, Gazzaloddi tire, Primo Tenderizer or Snafu pedals.

Frame: Either Hunter or new Kris Holm

Brakes: Magura HS33s

Seat: some kind of airseat, preferrably with a stiffener of some kind.

ehh, im not looking into buying one. Im just wondering what would go into a truly ultimate MUni.

does everyone agree with unicyclepa’s answers? Is there anything else? How would a suspension fork be? Good/Bad?


This one is probally the nicest looking one, although might be rather heavy


what do you think about a suspension fork?


I think its to good to be worth it. Just use a normal Muni and dont be a wimp.

But I’ve never ridden a spuspeion muni before, so I dot have room to talk. It would be a cool thing to do but hardtail unis are just more normal.

Let me rephrase what I said earlier… you’re really confused.

The magura brakes with an adjustable drag are the pimp offroad setup… they’ll save energy on those lo-o-o-ong downhill runs.

As for the frame, a rounded crown will limit your ability to do one-footed skills… now before you go asking who would do anything one-foot offroad, let me say there’s a few folks who can rock the one-foot / glide on singletrack, and many more who are working on it…

not anymore.the brake mounts suck, the seat posts and seat suck, the pedals suck and it doesnt have a lever adapter. that is one overpriced dinosaur.:wink:

Suspension forks, like the fork for a MTB, are bad bad bad on a uni. The legs won’t compress evenly. Pedaling a unicycle puts uneven loads on each leg of the fork. Suspension forks aren’t designed for that.

Suspension seatposts can work. But are a maintenance headache. And they require a long seatpost so are only useful for tall riders. Even if you can get it to work it will end up wearing out or breaking in short order. They’re simply not designed for the abuse of muni. Muni (or any unicycling) will put a lot of twisting forces on the suspension seatpost. Those same forces don’t happen on a bike so the seatposts aren’t designed to handle them. That’s why they break or wear out quickly.

On a muni the suspension is in the 3" tire and the airseat. That’s the most reliable system.

But it was really cool when it was the only commercially available muni that fit a 3" tire and had a splined hub. :slight_smile:

you sould add a “BAD” evertime you cut and paste that comment about suspention forks on a uni.

since this question gets asked once a week now it would be kinda fun to see how may “BAD” you can get in there and we will be able to track the number of times this redunadant Q gets on the board.

yeah for about 2 months

I think it was closer to 6 months between the time that the DM Vortex was available and the Profile hub was available. The kicker though, is that the Vortex was available at the beginning of the riding season while the Profile hub was available after the season was pretty much over. :slight_smile: