Muni Features

Check out This web page is based on a TV show
that features other web pages and internet stuff. For some reason they decided
to feature my web page, which is
kinda weird because there are other MUni pages out there that are much better.
They wrote a very nice article on MUniing that is pretty funny. Check it out!!

Also, I got this message the other day:
>Hi, there. My name is Lilli Harris and I am an Associate Producer for The
>television show called ACTION TV. I would love to see some footage of you
>unicycling down a mountain. If you have any such footage (of you or anyone you
>know) and we choose to use it for the show, we’ll pay BIG BUCKS!!!
>Write back if you’re interested,

If anyone wants “BIG BUCKS” drop me a message, and I will forward you Lilli’s
email address.

Brett Bymaster