MUni featured in new book!

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for a new book by Author Don McGrath, titled: “Dream, Live it, Love it! Interviews with 50 athletes over 50” The first 10 interviews will be available in book form, online later this week, and I’m one of the first 10! :smiley:

I’m just so thrilled that Extreme MUni/Uni will be represented in this awesome new book, and that it documents what we do as the legitimate sport that it is! I can’t wait to get my own copy! I am honored to have been selected to be a part of this book, alongside of the 49 other 50+ athletes who have their own amazing stories to tell! :slight_smile:

You can click the link above for more info. The full book of all 50 interviews will be out in early 2010.

PS: I guess being over 50 can have its perks! :stuck_out_tongue: (But I’d still rather be 25, lol!)

Hot off the presses!

Just got this email from the Author! :D:)

Congratulations Terry! Great that your in the book!

When you gonna be in NY for the autograph signing? :slight_smile:

I’d rather have YOU, and as many other Uni-riders sign their names in the book! :smiley:
And, I LOVE NY, but I can’t fly, so maybe I’ll take a train or bus someday! Then again, I might decide to travel from coast to coast in my car, sightseeing and MUni-ing along the way! :smiley:

The e-book is awesome! I ordered it yesterday and it’s only $4.95. It’s a total of about 95 pages. I’m on pgs 30-36. :smiley:

It’s cute to see old people doing cool things.

“Age is mind over matter…if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!” :smiley:


Thanks Sam! :slight_smile:

I thought you were only 48" ?

That would make me 4 feet tall, lol! Unless you meant 48, as in years old. My birfdate is 1/15/56. :slight_smile:

You are larger than life!

Well, I used to be, but since starting to Uni, I’ve lost about 25 lbs. :p;):smiley:

The link to the book I posted earlier is not working for some reason. I may not have linked it properly. The one below is good. I hope a lot of you will have a chance to get at least the “e-book”, (which is only $4.95) if not the actual book, both of which are 95 pages.

There just aren’t a whole lot of BOOKS out there-at least newer ones- featuring MUni, or unicycling in general, as a sport. Kind of a rarity anyway, and would be nice to have as a collector’s item as well! :):smiley:

                       <a href="">[B]Dream It, Live It, Love It! : Setting the Pace: The First Ten Interviews[/B]</a>

Congrats Terry! I can’t download the e-book as the shopping cart purchase form only accepts orders from Canada or USA. I have emailed the book company to see if I can get a UK download on the e-book and await their reply.

they are really nice people and I’m sure they will be able to get it to you., If not, PM me and I will call the publisher myself. :slight_smile: And I think only the actual paperback is available at this time, but you may still be able to get the e-book as well.

Just got my signed paperback copy of: Dream It, Live It, Love It! : Setting the Pace: The First Ten Interviews”, in the mail today! It’s pretty exciting to be in this book and even more so that MUni is represented; and as a legitimate sport! :smiley:

Congrats young unigeezer! Cool.


Congrats, Terry. That is great!