MUni faster than bikes?

After going to “mountain bike camp for one week, on friday they let me bring my 24” MUni to show it to everyone. As a "leader i usually stay at the back of the group to make sure everyone keeps up (doesn’t get left behind) after seeing how good i was, the instructor asked me if i wanted to ride my uni instead of my bike during the afternoon. i more than willingly accepted, ran to get my sixsixone leg pads and set off. i stayed at the back as usual and cleared almost every section of the trail (some i couldn’t because the “slow” bikers in front of me kept falling on technical section. i was quite surprised and came to this conclusion while riding the only section of the trail that the bikes had to wait for me (long gravel downhill):

bikes are faster on pavement and flat easy downhill, unis are faster on hard uphills, steep scary downhills and tight technical trails.

i discovered my first observation when i was racing a kid on my street and i had a very high speed UPD just after passing him. GRRRRRR

i actually did demonstrations on several sections of the trails where the whole group walked their bikes. everyone wasvery impressed, it was sooooooo much fun!!!