Muni Event "ELSBET 2018"

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Registration is open!

Elsbet 2018
17th-21st May
The “elsbet” goes into the eighth edition, a lot will be the same and other becomes new. The ACCOMMODATION is back at the campsite in Triesen. Advantage: Trialspot nearby, Muni-rides end directly at the campsite, place for more persons. Disadvantage: Not directly in the mountains.
There will be again shuttle buses (rather little, more Uphill), old and new great tours (also XC and uphill if desired), Night-rides, grill parties, Trial Area, Streetspots, Skateparks, Rhein-dam and bicycle paths for the roadies.
That means there is a lot more for Trialer, Streeter and Roadies. Focus remains at Muni!
Surprises are announced in this thread always again, we gladly take also ideas :slight_smile:

Costs: 120 Euro, incl. Camping meals and shuttles
(60 euros without camping, 200 euros in a more bed room: ATTENTION: only 14 places!)
Paying on arrival.

T’Shirts: will be sold and must be ordered upon registration (please specify size): 20 Euro

Registration: Attention: We still accept only handwritten letters sent by post (the younger one, I like to explain what it all is ;-)), who has sent the letter.
This must be in the application: Full address, year when you are born, where night is desired (tent, multiple rooms, hotel), T’Shirt size and yes / no, justification why you want to come to elsbet 2018 (also drawings, are welcome, the most original ones are awarded again).

Everything to:

Markus Büchel
Floraweg 11
9490 Vaduz

What do you need for the elsbet?

We ride unicycle, which means a unicycle would be an advantage, especially a Muni. you can also bring a trial and road uni. In addition to the usual protective equipment (helmet, gloves, knee and shin protectors), good hiking boots are recommended as we are in the mountains in any weather (in alpine Terrain).

A rucksack to which the unicycle can be attached is for riders who want to undertake more difficult tours indispensable.
Small tools, as well as a small pharmacy are important in the mountains.

We stay at the campsite, which means you need all the camping gear.
Important are also dinnerware and cutlery, so we can reduce the waste, thank you (also for hotel and multi-bed guests)!

Music instrument for the camp fire, everything which is fun (slackline, bathing stuff etc.)

Then I have here again the list of links (eg camping, hotel nearby) and activities, also for non-riding family members or if you want to extend your stay.
There is a middle-earth museum, a large bouldering hall, a high-rope park almost directly at the campsite, climbing gardens, a great art museum, a water-driven mill where flour can be purchased and many more:

Letter sent from Singapore!

It contains some simple drawings that will not win any awards. But it might be in competition for the farthest travelled letter.


The first letter arrived this week!

Is there any downside to registering late? I’m pretty interested but won’t know for a few months. I also need to figure out if I can fly easily with any of my unis.

@skunk man: no there is no problem to join in late, there should be enough space!

@bristlecone: your letter arrived today! great!
i can‘t believe you rode from walenstadtberg to weesen without giving me a call!!!

This looks so awesome. I would love to come. Don’t think I can make it happen this year though. Love the area and would love to do Muni there.

Suggestions for travel from U.S.A.

I am very interested in traveling for this. Your videos are absolutely amazing and I would love to experience some of that terrain.

I live in the U.S. and have not traveled internationally. Obviously a passport is needed but do you have any suggestions for where to fly into and how to get there (rental car, bus, train)?


That sounds very good!

Liechtenstein ist that tiny we even don‘t have an airport, but zurich is one hour by train reachable.
You fly to zurich, take the train to Sargans and from there there is bus to Triesen (campsite)

and if you want to stay longer in our area i‘ll help you to organize a very cheap accommodation :slight_smile:

this time I am wondering If I will not take the train to München and then rent a car (I intend to visit some places with my significant other after the meeting -and pick her again in München- so may be I can offer to share the car with some other rider)

  1. Marco Schmidt Germany
  2. Jana Lehnert Germany
  3. Jamie McCaughey Singapur
  4. Uli Kalinke Germany
  5. Adam Foley UK
  6. Ettore Gilardoni Italy

now you can see the list of the participants here:

nine nations so far :astonished: :slight_smile:

one week to go!

all participants:

Here you find the elsbet booklet and the playlist: