[muni] EMEW 2008 - the 1st South African Muni Convention

Hi guys.

Emew (the “Epic Muni in Elgin” Weekend) was the first ever South African unicycling Convention. It was a humble start, with 12 people from around the country (and 1 from France) meeting for a weekend of riding and fun. We hope that this is the start of greater things for unicycling in our country. Hope you enjoy! please leave some comments if you have any.

awesome muni !!! :slight_smile:
looks a fun convention:D

great vid… Nice riding. some pretty intense bails as well.

Wow! Nice video and nice choice of music! The two songs were really appropriate.

Good job!

Too crackin’ cool!! I wanna go off that ledge that you were all falling on … looks fun and hairy.
Really like the ways you guys all cheer each other on. Fast MUni…

That was really enjoyable! Great terrain and tracking shots.:slight_smile:

I liked.

You guys need a glidecam. That would make this vid complete.

Good bails.

It was a totally awesome weekend :smiley: Huge thanks to all the guys that were able to make it down to Cape Town for the convention. Ruan did a great job with the video, and seeing there was a lot of filming done I suspect there will be another video or 2 in the making :slight_smile:

WOFT… spectacular bail there :smiley: and hats off for trying it in the first place :slight_smile:

Thank you. My girlfriend had many words to say to me when she saw that, espcially after all my reassurance of how safe unicycling is because of the low speed and ability to “step off”. hehe…

Wow, awesome vid. So cool to see that there are some really good riders in South Africa. Looked like a really fun weekend.

sick trails, riding, and bails! songs fit good too

can you upload it to vimeo.com also? (HQ)

Thanks man.

I will try get the high res version from Ruan. I have never used vimeo, so give me a few days to get my act together:)

I’m gonna have to ask, what was the red tyre that guy had? anyone know the name of it?

It’s a Michellin Wildgripper Hot S 26" tire…


Oh cool thanks. Is it any good?

Okay, I’ve uploaded to Vimeo. I’m not sure if it makes much of a difference though. Anyway, here you go:

Bike and tire looked “well used” since that photo was taken!! :slight_smile: Epic stuff!!

Can’t wait for Emew 2 and the getaway next year :slight_smile:

How wide is it, & how does it ride?

I think the widest colored knobby I’ve seen was 2.1" & most have soft sidewalls (requiring too high of an air pressure for Muni IMO).

It is actually a MTB Downhill tire, the 2.5" width allows it to withstand a lot of beating, i’ve done some big drops and very rugged terrain, most of all I just love the way it blends with the red color theme of the Track Monster!!!