[muni] EMEW 2008 - the 1st South African Muni Convention (2nd Video)

EMEW - Epic MUni in Elgin Weekend … second video released of the first ever South African MUni Convention. It was an awesome weekend with riders coming from around the country, albeit a small group. It’s a great start and things are getting stronger.

Hope you enjoy, and please leave comments.
Cheers :slight_smile:

YouTube version…


Cool video! I’m not into muni myself but it sure looks fun :D. Keep it up!

Great video Brent really loved it!!!

Expect a full ±60min Dvd soon, then we’ll have our own little masterpiece!!!:slight_smile:

Thanks Ruan :slight_smile: Would not be the same without your killer drops, and determination to do things.

Looking forward to seeing some more action :smiley:

MUNi, Bubbles, Hooka and Slackline… Stellar!!

I truly enjoyed that. I want to ride with you all sometime if I ever get to your neck of the woods ‘cause ya’ll look to have a blast. Urging each other onward and kickin’ back after a good ass day. Awesome riding and fun.
I like a cigar after a hard ride … or whatever you all are smoking:D

Nice one Brent. It is nice to see all the other stuff that went on in addition to the unicycling.

Shug - We love our “internationals” over her. We had a farewell party for our French and German friends this past weekend, and we have just met an Italian who will be riding with us. We do not currently have any Americans with us, so feel free pop down:) We will light up the hub for you after a ride:p

Thanks … I have a friend coaching with Zip Zap Circus so hopefully someday to get a trip in. I have met some wonderful folks from your country.

The Zip Zap Circus is an amazing institution. They uplift underprivileged children and teach them self confidence with the circus skills they teach. Much respect for your friend :slight_smile:

For those that don’t know of the Zip Zap Circus here is a link: http://www.zip-zap.co.za/

Bumpety bump Ruan…