Muni Easter Ride

Enjoy :slight_smile:


The link brings me to a list of videos about cars and not a muni ride. Wrong link or is it accessible only when logged in with a Facebook account?

The Link is Working. You need to logged in , in Facebook. When it’s Working. Many People have a Facebook Account. I don’t have Instagramm or a YouTube Channel and so I think it’s the best way to reach a lot of People there watch the small Video. Most of then are Unicyclysts. I hope you unterstand what I mean. :slight_smile:

No problem. Just wanted to make sure others can enjoy the video :slight_smile:

Glad you still are allowed and able to find a nice muni spot :wink:

Thanks:) Yes it’s a very nice Muni spot. In the early morging I wake up and catch my Muni, some Protections and my GoPro. It’s was very nice, nobody was in the wood. The Birds are singing in the morning dawn. The Location isn’t it in Stuttgart City it’s a litttle bit outside from Stuttgart, a little Village with crazy People and cool some cool Muni spots. Some Mountainbiker also use the route. I love to ride the 24" Muni. I know it’s very old school but it goes. Around the small Village where I live there a lot of Wood and some Muni spots but my favourite spot has been destroyed by Wood Works and some Muni spots too.