[muni] Duthie Hill

Duthie Hill Park is a skills park near Seattle

Noli, Danny and I went to Duthie Hill on Sunday.
It started with snow! But stopped by the time we started riding.
Noli had half of his new unicycle… the wheel/hub/cranks/pedals. He claims plastic pedals are the way of the future. The frame he wants to paint before its presentable.
We did the Bootcamp trail, which features a 400 ft log ride.
It was a little slippery from snow/rain, but not bad for January.

yeah, i like it!

I wish we had more of these kinds of features at my local trails.

It looks like a lot of fun. I bet it’s even more fun when it’s dry.

Rain is the price you pay for trees to ride on.

For the youtube video, make sure you click the title YouTube - Duthie Hill Jan 2011
Otherwise you’ll get an error message.

The video is also here

Another great video :slight_smile: Thanks phthoruth

Nice video,nice t-shirts you’re wearing they look very familiar.


Thanks. That would be Noli with the unicycle tshirt. But I can’t quite make it out?
He gets around… he was in Hawaii, Japan, Vancouver and Berkley last year.

Really enjoyed watching, that was a smooth roll-hop onto the log there.

It’s been raining here a lot so I haven’t been able to ride Muni. It’s killing me, but your vid helped save my sanity.