muni dreams crushed!!!

i like muni loads but the logisics are a bit hard. As i can not drive i can’t get to cool woods.And as i can’t get to longer rides there is no point in me getting a muni but i rrrrrreally want to do it! plus the fact i have not money has a big part to play:( . but i like trials and TUNI!!(i know they are the same thing) sorry had to say that lol any way i like trials so i think i will use the little money i have to upgrade my nasty hub that will sssnap soon after i hop off a few more benches. i did my first 4 ft last night i have done some 6fts on to stones so they do not count.if any one have a cheep 24" muni that they do not want p.m me or something please thanks

Don’t feel bad. I didn’t ride trails before I could drive either. Actually, I didn’t ride unicycles at all, but I made up for it starting at age 17.

Meanwhile, get the kind of unicycle you know you can use, and you’ll get the most out of it.

Being able to get to the trails is a significant barrier for muni. If you can’t get to the trails you can’t ride. You pretty much have to either live very close to some trails or have a car. I can’t get to any of my trails without a car. The trails are too far away to ride a unicycle or a bike to the trail.

If you have trails within bicycle distance you could rig up something to carry the muni on the bike to get to the trails. Other than that you’d have to rely on friends with cars or on public transportation to get to the trails.

When I was in high school I got interested in road bicycling because I was able to ride my bike from home to anywhere I wanted. I didn’t have a car so there was no way I could take a mountain bike to the trails. Too bad I didn’t spend that time improving my unicycling skills.

For the time being you can work on freestyle, trials and Cokering. When you get a car you’ll be able to get back into muni.

whilst it’s true that some riding is easier to get to by car, it’s not true that you need a car to ride muni in the UK.

Firstly, do you live within a couple of miles of a train station? Given that you’re living in the country, there’s probably somewhere on the same train line near some good riding.

Secondly, is there good riding closish to you, get the local ordnance survey map and have a look, you can legally ride anything that is marked as a bridleway (big dashed coloured lines) on the map. Look for bridleways near lots of contour lines for the most fun muni spots. You can get away with riding footpaths too in most areas (small dashed coloured lines) and all tracks in most woodland unless they’re behind fences or signs saying keep out or something.

For the benefit of anyone in the US, I think the big difference between here and the US is the rights of way system, we can ride in lots of places that aren’t where bike or hiking trails have been specially built, just because historically someone used to take cows to market along the route or it used to be the way from the blacksmith’s to the pub or something. So in the country, there’s riding pretty much anywhere, although of varying yummyness.


I feel your pain… Lincoln has not only a distinct lack of interesting foresty places but a major lack of anything that could remotely be described as a hill; not being able to get at anywhere to ride is very frustrating. Seaton doesn’t have a station, which I made use of a few times in Lincoln.

However… looking at the OS map (or Multimap page) of Seaton it doesn’t look that bad.

It’s on the coast… I dunno what the coast paths are like around that bit but I’ve ridden in Lyme Regis and that was good.

There’s a fort in a foresty bit by Axmouth, across the river, and something on the map as “Seaton Down” looks like a fairly small but hilly bit to the north. Not far from there, north west of Seaton, there’s a forestry commission bit of land along a steep ridge which might be worth a look at.

Plus if you’re surrounded by other unicyclists there’s always the possibility of scrounging a lift… :slight_smile:

If you’re doing drops of 4 feet then you’re doing bigger stuff than I ever have, so whether you get a stronger trials uni or a muni you’ll love it either way.


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>trials and
>TUNI!!(i know they are the same thing)
They’re not. TUNI (now go wash my hands first) is a Mickey Mouse word,
it’s pathetic and not to be taken seriously.

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Oooooh, wait 'till the King hears this!

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Thanks for the warning but I’m not overly worried. Although the King may be perfect, I doubt that His Mighty Arm would reach across the pond.

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i thought he left the building allready?