Muni Documentary

Hey, I made this video for my senior project at Freeport High School. It is a short documentary about the sport, including history as well as action shots.
I filmed a lot of it at Moab this year, and the rest at local trails in Maine.

Its about 20 minutes long, and I am pretty happy with the final outcome. It was mostly geared towards non-unicyclists, so some of the stuff might seem redundant…

Let me know what you guys think!

Link: A Closer Look at an Obscure Sport

Seamus McMorrow

it says it’s private

i cant watch it something about privacy? :thinking: why don’t you just put it on youtube?:stuck_out_tongue: please reply or give me permission i love documentaries

Sorry about that, not sure why it was set on private, but its fixed now.

I didn’t post it on youtube simply because they have a 10 minute limit.



Awesome job. The doc has a really good arc. One of the biggest problems with amateur docs is that they tend to try to focus on a topic that is too broad (i.e. unicycling).

You def. made it easier for yourself by focusing on muni only.

Good job.

WoW!!! That was awesome. Long, but definitely worth it

great film. i enjoyed it.
how long did it take you to get al that footage?

Nice job.

I’m going to be part of the first graduating class (2010) that has to do the mandatory senior project in NC. I’m also doing it on unicycling, but I chose to do unicycling in general so that I can BS my way through the 8-10 page paper that we have to write.

Thanks guys, I’m glad you liked it.

I was allotted about 3 weeks to complete the project, I spent about two of those weeks filming and the rest editing. I probably spent 100 hours on the editing part. It took forever to wade through all the footage to get the good clips, and the important parts of the interviews.


Nicely done! It was cool to have Kris’s opinion in there. I wish they’re was a bit more variety in the clips(looked like some repeats), but with the commentary, the time was filled nicely.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Already told you this a while ago but awesome project Seamus. I think the DVD you gave me was de-interlaced though, but the one on vimeo is not so it looks pretty “liney”. Anyway great job.

great video i loved it!

AMAZING footage looked like you had fun and i hope you got your uni back bro that would have sucked in a time like that! i would have gave that hat lots of cash… great clips. music, commentary, and music. i LOVED it!

Really well done !! Hats off to you for doing the documentary. I enjoyed watching it.

You could if you split it into parts. I saw a 40 min HBO stand-up comedy act that way.

I would appreciate it if you put it there, I’d like to see this vid:o

My computer views vimeo horribly. Youtube isn’t a lot better, but it’s toleratable.

Just so you know I am now taking your idea for my 2010 proj :sunglasses:

Thanks for the good feedback everyone.
Im really glad you liked the outcome.

Yeah, I did have to repeat a couple of clips because I started to run out of good footage toeards the end and I didnt have time to do any more filming.

I had planned on interviewin Kris Holm in person at Moab, but dueto his injury he was unable to attend. I felt like the film would be very incomplete without a piece from him, so a phone interview would have to suffice.


it seemed like a very well put together peice of film

:sunglasses: you should be proud :sunglasses:

looks like some good trails.

Explained a bunch!

Yessir … I hope you got an A+ on the project! Since I am awaiting my KH Muni I checked out your vid and it really showed me a lot of ridin’ in the mountains. This event is on my “gotta go do that” list.
Can’t wait to take on the trails.
Truly enjoyed viewing. Your voice over and interviews were clear and informative. Terrific work. Surely I will get ankle braces!!!