MUni discussion thread

It’s a bullet train compared to doing MUni on 19" trials, which, for some reason, MANY used at moab, last year’s CMW, and I suspect there will be plenty used this year as well! :roll_eyes:

What do you guys think about wheel size, will people start moving more towards 26" and 29"? I think that is going to be the trend in the near future. Esspecially when some better 29" tires come out I think we will see a swich away from the standard 24" of today.

What do you guys think?

I would love to see more good 26er options but I think that the 29er will gain in popularity first (due to the KH29)

I rode a 19" a moab. Go Torker!

I hope so. :slight_smile:

I think the larger wheels are more suitable for most trails, and the necessary tires are just about available. I’m quite happy with my current 29er setup.

I think there has to be a bit of a cultural shift too. We have to stop thinking of MUni as short rides punctuated with natural trials breaks and think of it more as the unicycling analog to mountain biking. That is, more riding, less stopping.

I don’t know. i personaly perfer 24s for muni, i find them better for really technical stuff, where your hopping alot, and i don’t mean like hopping down the trail, i mean like hopping once or twice for every rotaion, keeping the flow. then again i haven’t really done any long ride an a 26er, so i don’t know how it compares.

Who says “has to”, is this needed, is it necessary? Right now I’d say I fall into the category of riders whose inhibitions have not kicked in completely. As such a rider I find those trials’ish breaks to be quite enjoyable. On the other side, sometimes I just feel like riding non-stop. I don’t think you’re seeing the forest through the trees, who says XC isn’t MUni. I’ve got more to say but it’s irrelevant (blah blah).

By “has to” I didn’t mean it’s necessary for all MUni riders. I was speaking in the context of what I think would be necessary for more people to start riding bigger wheels.

I don’t think anyone explicitly says XC isn’t MUni. Based on MUni events I’ve attended, my perception is that the most common idea of MUni tends more towards natural trials than XC riding. That’s part of the reason that 24" wheels are so popular.

Plus, IMO, a 24" wheel is better for someone who is relatively new to uni. I think it’ll be quite a while before I would be able to ride the more difficult MTB trails around hear on a 29". I don’t have a trials, but I rode a friends a teeny bit, enough to notice that I would be able to ride a lot more of the terrain w/ one, so I’m saving for a KH 20, I’m just not sure if I sould try to save enough to get it w/ a geared hub.

I mainly rode my trials uni at moab and I probably will at cmw too even though I have a 24" muni. I have way more fun playing on stuff along the way than actually riding a trail. The trail is just a path to the next trials spot;)

That’s how skilled Spencer is:) . I too prefer 19" for m-uni for the same reasons.


At Moab we would ride the trail spot something, ride it, then film, film it then ride it.

Hopefully next year I get more of me on film. I did a lot of recording, then set the camera away and did the lines and drops, so almost nothing of me got filmed.

Haha I don’t think riding a 19" trials on a muni trail takes any more skill than riding a 24" MUni, or vice versa; it’s simply preference and what you’re used to. Spencer probably does way more trials/street riding than MUni and is simply accustomed to his 19" wheel size. All I’m saying is that for long distance MUni, like last year’s cmw and the 14 mile long tahoe rim trail, a trials uni is not the best choice for going that distance efficiently. That’d almost be like substituting a Muni for a 36er on a 50 mile distance ride; it’s just not as practical. (Haha I posted reply number 51, and I’m 51! Ooooh, spooky! :slight_smile: )

I have zero experience with geared hubs, but I think I’d rather do trials on a KH24 than bother with a geared KH20. Also, I’m guessing it’ll be cheaper to buy a KH20 and KH24 (non geared) than to get just one with the geared hub.

It does take more skill to ride a trials unicycle on trails if by “skill” you mean patience. :wink:

I guess since this thread is about MUni…I just got back from my daily MUni ride but this time it was about 100% harder! It’s been so windy here today that there are numerous trees and other various foliage and assorted items littering the streets, and my piano tuning sign blew down…twice!

Anyway, it is the unusually strong windy conditions that made today’s MUni ride so much more challenging. :o
I would’nt be exaggeratting to say that the headwind I was fighting on the 1.5 mile return hill climb was at least 25 mph! To make it even more fun, the continuous dust storms blowing sand and dirt in my face was the icing on the cake. :astonished:

Yeah that is a really big part of it. The last time I rode a 24" (other than yours, Terry) was at Moab. My muni pretty much gets ridden twice a year so when I do ride it I feel very uncomfortable.

For any rides longer than about 5 miles I would ride my 24", especially because the foam on my trials uni seat is probably around half an inch thick.

I’ve got a problem… :frowning:
I just got my 24" Torker Dx Muni from Jkohse and I’m too small for it…
I lowered the seat all the way and Its still not low enough. It is still rideable, but my legs get extended fully and it just doenst feel right… I plan on doing lots of rolling hops and big drops on trails and stuff, so do any of you know what I can do to get that tiny bit of extra height?

Thanks :smiley:

Have you cut the seat post as much as possible?


cut down the frame.