MUni discussion thread

It looked like it.


What I should have said is if you put on shorter cranks in efect you will have a lower seat height.

Ian after you put on the shorter cranks you had to raise your seat because it was closer to your bottom pedal which had the same efect as lowering your seat.

Also some people with shorter legs find it more comfortable to pedal with shorter cranks because it’s a smaller diameter circle.

But I would do what NKhler said first try cutting another inch off your post to get it all the way down and if that’s not enough just cut a half inch off your frame if you don’t cut more than that you shouldn’t need to cut the notch deeper.

have any of you guys tried building your own north shore stuff? I tried to build some out where i live, but it kept getting torn down, i did build some stuff down near salida that was pretty sweet, it was a smallish drop followed by a ladder bridge out to a five foot drop i’ll post pictures at some point.

cmon folks don’t let this thread die

ok :smiley:
Im thinking about putting one of my dads spare Viscount saddles on my 24" DX… (He bought it a long time ago when we got a torker cx :stuck_out_tongue: )
But the only problem is there isnt any handle… (And will it fit on a DX post?)
I checked a thread about putting a handle on a viscount saddle, but it seeems reeeeeally complicated… Is it simple to do? And where can I buy a handle?

Thanks :smiley:
Also… What are some good Muni pedals? I have some of the blue pedals, but the pins are all worn off, and all slippery… :frowning:

Trials Courses Unlimited

Do it in your back yard, or some portable ones in you driveway/garage/apt. parking lot or a deserted area so it’d be hard to take apart. I’ve even seen some people ride some stuff ing their bedrooms.

I clreared a 9X6’ space in my 10X11’ bedroom for rainy/cold days. I could put in some boxes, a skinny, a 4-6 set of stairs, and some sandwich boards, w/ one or two set up at a time. I can’t hop consistently yet, so there’s really no point in me building anything for a while:(.

I have azonic aframes. their good pedals, but makesure to locktite the pins in when you get them

Who thinks that hopping is the invention of Satan?

I ride WA WA Man-O-War pedals, I’m not sure where to get them though because i won them from Nathan.

I love them.

ME, unless your going up onto something…as Shaun J. Would Say “NO HOPS ALL FLOW”

But you get a lot higher when you hop rolling!

GK: He didn’t say hopping was pointless, he said it was the invention of Satan - who may well be a fantastic muni rider for all I know.

But (assuming he meant what you thought he meant) I agree with you that hopping is a very useful skill - there are certainly times when I wish I were better at it. (off-topic…) I’m not much of a trick rider myself either but they do look cool - although I’m with you on crank flips (any trick that you have to show slow-motion video of to prove you’ve done it is pretty pointless IMO).


You clearly cant do them and dont know what it feels like to hit a line of tricks off or take flips off sets. Thats like saying doing tricks on a skate board is just to show off and that they should only be used as a mode of transport.

No, that’s jumping. I’m talking about bouncing.
Like, coming down a trail and then start bouncing.

yeah i agree. for me muni is all about flow. just rolling hops not of this pecking crap, inless its technical uphill

All you anti-pecking people must have nice smooth trails that can easily be done on a bike…

And why are we arguing the merits of crankflips and unispins? they are totally useless in MUni but probably quite useful in street unicycling where you need to do cool tricks to get the same amount of challenge as riding down a rough trail. I would rather have the trail as the challenge instead of some artificially hard tricks.

I have heard that being able to one foot can be quite helpful if you temporarily loose contact with your petal when MUniing. I am still working on one-foot riding.

One footing really does help.

I might seem overly anti-pecking with my Satan remark and such. :stuck_out_tongue:
All I’m saying is that you should try to reduce the amount of hopping in muni. It’s so much more fun to blast down a line then to stop and start bouncing throughout the line.

Hopping and Showing off

Unispins and crankflips are only good for showoff. They do take a lot of skill to do but the whole street riding genre is all showoff. Not that there is anything wrong with showoff!

One footed riding is very usefull for MUni. It teaches you balance and think that you are actually coasting through the up-pedal part of the revolution. Also most of my UPDs are the result of my one of my feet falling off the pedal.
If you can do one footed pedaling you don’t UPD you just calmly put the foot back on! There is a whole thread about this somewhere. Backwards riding also really improved my MUni riding. I don’t know why but it must have just improve my balance or something.


Artificial tricks, pointless, no sense in making something that is already hard any harder?

You guys are starting to go weird.

There is nothing fake about crankflips, unispins or whatever other trick there can be done, and there is nothing wrong with them either. If I saw someone mix street into muni, I would love it. Plus some simple stuff like foot plants, gliding, and one footing can be very beneficial to a muni run.

Why shouldn’t you make something hard any harder? For some people, that is why they ride. They want the challenge of always pushing themselves. Why do this when you can add a crankflip? Why do muni runs and avoid the ruts and rocks, when you can ride in the ruts and over the rocks.

The difference from just jumping down something, and doing a trick while jumping down something, that is an easy question, with an obvious answer. To make it harder. For me jumping down 8-set is very easy, so why shouldn’t I try to do something down them? I need that challenge. Carefully riding down a steep section in muni, and jumping over some stuff is very easy for me to do also, so I go back up and try to roll everything.

Jumping isnt bad in muni. To be more precise, rolling hops are not bad in muni. Rolling hops should be aimed for to get over what cant be rolled. Some people cant jump in either foot position, and so sometimes you cant rolling hop over something, so its ok to have to a little trials and get over stuff, but should be aimed for is complete and smooth control.

Pecking differs from rider to rider. In a city environment, you can technically peck your way up stairs. Other people can ride up those stairs. In muni, some steeps you will have to peck well others can just ride right up and over the stuff.

Also, street isnt all showoff. Where do you get off by saying that? I can say the same thing about muni. Fact is, street is about control, flow, technique, making a easy line hard, and enjoyment. Hmm, sounds pretty familiar to muni.

MUni vs Street vs Trials


When I agreed with Goats that Street is showoff I did not berate Street. I think that Street is pretty cool. What I meant is that Street is basically flair and showoff. The goal of street is not to get somewhere. With MUni the goal is to travel to ride some distance. Trials is also about getting over obstacles and should be incorperated into MUni when needed. Trials skills are very benificial to MUni. MUni is very usefull when you don’t have room for a bike. Like a small car trunk or if you are also doing some canoeing.

By the way zero plants and half crank rotations are very usefull for MUni. If you can change a UPD into a zero plant that is awesome! If you approach a log with your week foot forward on the pedal and do a half crank rotation in the prehop and then hop over the log that is also very useful. Getting good at street probably would improve your MUni capabilities.

If I want to impress girls I will do so with Street. If I want to get somewhere in a remote place I will do MUni.