MUni discussion thread

The nice MUni weather is just around the bend, so, if you will, discuss rides and future rides here, seeing as there are trials and street discussions all the time. Hopefully (Someday) we shall dominate this forum again. :smiley:

I am planning to go ride some local trails here soon after my ankle heals.

I prefer m-uni on my a 19" than a 24".

This isn’t for light trails, but for very very steep hills with rocks. I feel much more comfortable doing bigger drops on my 19" as well. What wheel size do you prefer?

To borrow the title of a Jack Bower’s TV show–24!

To borrow the title of TV show–24!

I loooove muni.

California’s central valley is veeeeery flat.

I’m looking forward to going back to school where there are actually hills. And trails. And other people who ride.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh yes, and 24" is by far the best.

Muni in hte Negev Desert

I just got back form doing reserve duty in the Negev Desert of southern Israel. Obviously I brought my KH24 MUni along. Usually I ride MUni in the Jerusalem mountains. Very hilly terrain covered by woods. The Negev desert on the other hand is totaly vegatationless hills and wadis. This makes it very easy to see the contour of the ground becuase there are very few trails except for some jeep trails. I would just ride over the open ground which is usually strewn with rocks and boulders. Rocks that are up to the size of oranges I am able to just ride over. There is no way to avoid them because there are so many of them. Rocks that are larger need to be avoided. Also there ae lots of places with soft sand. This is always hard to negotiate but with the 3" Duro tire i can do much beter than with a bicycle. In all I got quite a bit of riding in in the past month. It was very cool because the texture of the terrain was so different.


haha there was frost on the ground every mouning this week but yup it makes nice weather for riding. Once the snow is thick on the ground I shall switch from 36er back to the 26X3" with chains, tonns of fun on the ski hills.:smiley:

good work on starting this thread, it was needed.
has anyone seen this vid?
kris holm has the coolest style

Im starting Muni as soon as i get my uni in the mail :smiley:

24"ers are the best. They go super-fast and are pretty solid for doing drops. When I started muni, hills were pretty hard but I have since devoloped pretty strong legs so now I can take them pretty fast.

What’s yalls views on drops?
I think they’re awesome.

Love them, gotta do them, can’t live without them! :sunglasses:

Biggest drop to tranny?


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i love to MUni

Sounds like you’re describing my KH29. My KH24 feels sluggish in comparison. Most trails are better on a 29er than a 24. :sunglasses:

Nah, 29’s are good for fireroads and light XC, but I wouldn’t take one on a freeride course and expect it to come out ok.

Or do my typical 4-5 foot drops! :astonished:

that too, but someone VERY comfortable on a 29er could probably pull that off. Ask Kris to do it, well, when he heals up :frowning: