Muni Day, any one interstted?(Devon, UK)

i was wondering if any one wanted to go Muning at gaddon just off uffculme in devon. its just an idea but i recon we could get a few people and have a good day?

i will sum time

i havent rode around that area bofore so i would be up for it.
anytime after 1st october though as i am in the middle of a house move

I’m up for it, depending on dates. When were you thinking of?

yer we could go up gaddon aswell. the date, well when every one can go i can do anything for about 3 weeks im guessing a weekend would be a good idea? 24th or 25th or this month sound good to any one? if not got any better times

o yer i forgot about that lol yer 1st or 2nd any good to any one

I should be able to make that weekend.

I’m heading off to university on the 2nd of October so I’m going to be very, very busy that weekend getting everything ready. It’d be good, and I think there’s a lot of good stuff around Gadon (even the trail from uffculme to Gadon is good fun).

Sorry I can’t make it! :frowning:


as loose cant do da 1st or second im busy on da 8th so anyone got any problems with the 9th its a sunday for anyone who doesnt know

we could also go up to wellington monument if we can all get up there bout its about 6 miles away from gaddon, so it would be easier to drive up there. its just going to be a kinda dos day just doing what we want. going where we want aswell. nothing special not really organsied just a few ideas. unless some one else wants to organise something really good cheers

What about matching it up with a SWUM? Saturday Muniing and Sunday playing games sounds like a lot of fun to me.

If someone wants to do that do let me know and it can indeed be teamed up with a SWUM. Just looking this week at when in the sring to do another SWUM, Jan or March? Quick heads up tho - I AM NOT ORGANISING A MUNI DAY, thats for someone else to do.


i would if i could but i cant so i wont. i have my german exchange partner over right now and he leaves the day before swum i catn do that but if any one else wants to then go ahead

i’ll go whenever