MUni Crusade At Battle Creek MBT

The weather was perfect for getting out and sweatin’ up the ol’ crotch on the MUni.
Battle Creek Mountain Bike Trails have a LOT of brutal uphills and tons of trail but it is not well marked so ya’ just gotta cruise around and find stuff.
There are some really fun runs and enough obstacles to keep it interesting. Check out a nasty fall at :50 in … banged my already sore knee in this rough section of broken concrete piled in loose sand and soil. Steeper than it looks. Gonna nail it sometime but today … it won the battle. The locals call it the Wall Of Death.
Went to my PT Rick (he is the best) due to a lingering sore kneecap (the one a fell on at :50 in!!) and he says I have Patella Femoral Pain… sucks as I have to reduce my hill climbing on all my unicycles in order to heal. I may, I will, I might.
Bounced down a long, long irregular set of steps and had a blast huffing and panting and bleeding!

All Secure in Sector Seven,

Great video. Enjoyed watching that :slight_smile: Fall was a little nasty, nothing you won’t recover from I’m sure :smiley:

Great riding.
As usual, the music is great as well. Love the mando!:slight_smile:

nice one Shug, funny slo-mo crashing commentary too :stuck_out_tongue:

That knee is throbbing right now! But all will be Okey-Doke.
Thank You.

Yeah , you play mando … right?
I thankee.

Fun stuff. Love watching slo-mo falls … even if it is me. That is what is fun on here … to share the pain and bliss!

Haha way to go Shugmeister! You just keep gettin’ better with each video! :smiley: Looks like a fun trail too. :slight_smile:

Nice video! That fall looked painful :astonished: !

It is a fun trail … moreso than I thought it would be … and I still haven’t ridden it all yet!

'Preciate that comment. The fall was not painful then but today I am a wee bit sore from it. Not bad though.

sector seven secure appears to be in safe hands.:slight_smile:

Ahhhh … you know of Sector Seven! :wink:
As I cruise on the Muni I am actually out securing the perimeter of Sector Seven…
Sec.7 Shug

That was wicked:D
You got quite a few really good lines in there i would love to have a go :roll_eyes:
Keep it up.

I like the slow motion … you pick up so much more detail in slow motion :slight_smile:
Cute music. Did you record it live? It would be fun to see a clip of the band.
Nice scenery… looks like Österreich

Fun trail … it is “wicked” in parts!

Fun to watch those falls in slo -mo. The music is just me and a couple of buddies pickin’ on a rainy day down in Georgia. Here is clip of some jammin’ at my studio: