MUni crash

I had a very expensive Muni ride today! I was out riding a local trail when I lost control on a steep, loose rocky section, tried to run it out but couldn’t, and did a slip-and-slide onto the jagged rocks! You can see it at about the 1:15 mark in the video. I hit the ground pretty hard, got a little scratched up, but what I didn’t realize till I got back to my car, was that I had totally smashed my smartphone — that I had stupidly left in my side pocket — and had fallen directly on it. I think you can actually hear it breaking in the video but I wasn’t aware of it at the time. So I drove to the local Metro store and $150 later, I had a new phone. That’s what I call an expensive Muni ride!


OUCH Terry, Recently lost my phone screen in a similar fashion, and a little skin too.

But your riding is still great, video was enjoyed.

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Thanks, I was lucky that only the screen was broken. I took it to a repair shop and he was able to replace the screen while I waited, and it’s working fine again, all files unharmed.


Not a fun accident at all! On the bright side….a phone screen is much cheaper than a trip to the ER!! Glad you’re ok.

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Heading back to this trail tomorrow (3.15.22) but this time with my 36er! Stay tuned for video…if I survive! :grinning::+1:

I survived… barely! :woozy_face:


Hi Terry can you tell me about your arm protection you where using?

The forearm/elbow guards are pretty old amd made by sixsixone, but they stopped making those years ago. I found these on eBay and it looks like an updated version:

There are many other brands available if you search for cycling forearm guards.

Thanks, looks like these ones got snapped up. Watching your video it looks like your pads saved your butt., And everything else for that matter.

Take care!