MUni: Cool, Cold Cruisin'

T’was a wet, cold, foggy, freezing drizzly day so Hey … why not get on the Kris Holm 24" MUni and ride the post-Holiday blues away!
It was slippery and snow riding is harder than it looks … maybe that is just because I am 50 years old and know no better. Live Right and Keep It Tight… Gonna Have Sore Knees Tonight. I feel ya Man…
Always spectacular in the snowy Minnesota woods.
A couple of good falls and drops and snowy trails.
Thanks Ya’ll… I appreciate your time watching an old feller hump it!

lmao nice whats the song??? homemade by any chance :slight_smile: cool vid

that’s a really cool video(pardon the pun):slight_smile:

Looked cold, but fun! Nice stair riding and the fall was luck to be on the flat section! :slight_smile:

Yeah … lucky be I… kinda hurt and I have fallen a lot on those steps. Respect them and kinda fear them. The cold weather is fun but I have to accept it … it is Minnesota and c-c-c-old a l-l-long time. T’were fun!

Oui … homebrewed old Irish Guy Hip-Hop. My homage to all the cool French Hip-Hop that I hear on videos here.:smiley:

All puns accepted at all costs…