MUni competitions

Hey, I was wondering…
At a MUni competition, what “decides” who the winner is? Is it time-related or style or anything else?

Well, it depends on the competition. At CA MUni Weekend 2006, there was a “natural trials” competition, where a bunch of lines were taped out on the rocks, and the competition was won by whoever cleaned the most lines. (Shock: Kris Holm).

It sounds like this year’s Moab MUniFest will have something a little more like “HORSE” (in a basketball context); someone sets out a challenge and others have to match it.

There have been timed uphill and downhill MUni races–usually done with one rider going at a time, although at NAUCC 2003 there was a mass-start downhill race on a grass slope. There was also a unicycle bowling contest on the same hill.

Alright, thank you :slight_smile:
Are there any MUni competitions on Unicon? What about those?

Unicon had a beginner and expert muni race, a timed run through a course with participants starting at one minute intervals.