Muni Collaboration Video

I’m going to do a Muni-only collaboration video. Please send your video to unicyclesars (at) lycos (dot) com in any popular format via You can also e-mail gallery links to that address. Yes, I will actaully do this one unlike the freestyle one that I have yet to post. :slight_smile:

Preferred contents of contributions:

-Muni only
-Not “off road trials”
-Does not have to be “extreme”
-Please limit clips to under 3 minutes

sound cool, i will definetly try and do some filming, when do you want all the clips to be in?

Reed, I’d like the clips within the next two weeks. If you are really going to do some serious filming I would wait, though.

No response so far. Clips, anybody?

whats your e-mail address cause I have a clip you could use its only a couple seconds but its a cool angle, and like i said im going to do some more filming as soon as im back at my Moms house. (that will be this monday)

The e-mail address is in the first post.

This might be just my opinion on this but im guessing others might agree. I think the off-road trials should be allowed (to a degree). No or very limited hopping and just riding down hills/off road stuff usually gets boring after a while for me.

I’ll send you some, and if your real lucky, I’ll get out and film some -10 F snow muni!

I agree, but if he can make it a muni-only video, he can do that too…oh well.
In case nobody’s noticed, there is a real shortage of muni videos around here.

You’ll be in it to right Tyler?

True, as long as it is not toooo trialsy.

O’ Course!

As a little update, I put together a minute or so of me riding, and 11 seconds of Radical Reed. Please, I’d like clips so I can get this done soon. Even some permission to grab from a gallery would be ok.

Here are my muni videos - . There’s also some muni in some of my bigger movies, but I’m not going to go through and pick out the clips. If you can be bothered, the one called “NZUni” is about half muni riding (the second half) with Tony Melton in New Zealand.


heeey, whatever happened to your Freestyle Collaboration Video?

I posted it.

i would send you clips, but my muni is broke, i dont like muni, collaberations, or videos. :wink:

ummm… there is snow here… I couldn’t find a cliff or ladder without a shovel… even then… maybe cheak back in the fall?

well I said I would do some filming today but the snow is too deep weve gotten nearly 2 feet in the last 5 or 6 days and its really hard to ride in it, I can only go on the roads and thats not very exsiting:o

i will def send you some clips as soon as i can get someone to film me. Just today i found a really good downhill spot, so ill try and get some clips to you by the end of the week.