MUni/Coker weekend *this* Sat & Sun 3/8 & 3/9/08!

Awsome ride at Sullivan this morning! 5 miles up, then back down for an even 10. This has got to be one of the most enjoyable trails anywhere, and although not extremely technical, there are some choice drop opportunities, countless creek crossings, rooty sections and lots of steep ups and downs along the way to challenge you.

John Long couldn’t make it due to his inflamed knee, but his rock climbing buddies Kelly & John showed up with their unis and had a good old time.

Not sure if John and Don will make it for Iron Mountain tomorrow, but I’m shooting for it along with Jim and Jamie. Should be another awesome day for MUni! Here’s a little sequence from earlier today; i was setting up my camera on a mini tripod, and mtber who was passing by offered to take the shots.

do you have a gazz on that beast?? sick pics.
looks like tons o’ fun!!

Actually it’s an “Intense” 24x3 DH tire that is kindof a cross between a Duro and a gazz. I love it. I wish they still made them, but at least I’m getting tons of tread life out of it…not bad for only $5!!!

Yeah, I had called this place to order a different tire whcih they were out of, and so they offered the Intense tire to me for just $5 because they said it was a little used…turned out to be almost new!:smiley:

NICE DAWG!!!5 bucks is a steal.

man. that looks like soo much fun. wish i could have made it

Well, I can’t make it to Iron Mountain tomorrow due to time constraints (it’s nearly 240 miles roundtrip :astonished: ) and still recovering from being a tad sick, so I’m just going to Sullivan AGAIN tomorrow, then a beach coker in the late afternoon.:stuck_out_tongue: So now you have another chance to make it down here! :slight_smile:

darn. Im really sick, i have strep throat :frowning:

Cripes! I think that’s what I have/had! I got put on antibiotics yesterday and already it’s helping. Take things easy and get better man!:slight_smile: