MUni/Coker weekend *this* Sat & Sun 3/8 & 3/9/08!

Anyone who can make it is invited this weekend for TWO days of MUni and Coker fun! Saturday morning (time to be determined) we’ll meet at Sullivan Canyon for one of the most enjoyable and beautiful MUni rides you’ve ever been on! There’s something for everybody and it’s intermediate with some advanced stuff off on the flanks for those who want to go for it! (I do, I do! :slight_smile: )

After this ride we’ll take a break and grab a bite, then it’s a short trip to the beach for a fun Coker ride on the bike path for as long as we want…it runs about 23 miles each way, and it’s smooth and flat all the way!

Sunday we all meet in the AM (actual time to be determined) for a spectacular MUni meet at Iron Mountain in Poway, about 40 miles North or San Diego. This trail is intermediate to advanced and just too fantastic for words! This trail will be included in CMW this year, so here’s your chance to try it out beforehand!

PM me for more info, directions or other questions. Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:

PS: This is an informal, no registration deal so just show up and ride! I have an extra KH MUni if anyone needs a loaner. You can also choose to do both days and all rides, or pick and choose.:smiley:

So far PMs sent to Munivision, Chuckaeronut, seriousslacker, Vivalargo and unicycle6869. I’m pretty all these riders have both a MUni and a 36er. Not 100% sure about Jamey.

shameless bump.:o

We should be good to go for Sullivan on Saturday.

Cool. I rode there Sunday and again today (Tues)…just got back actually! I LOVE that place!:smiley:

Might be up for Sundays ride. Keep me informed.

Bump in the night! :astonished: :sunglasses: :p:D

Meeting time for saturday’s MUni ride (tomorrow 3/8/07) is 10am at Sullivan canyon in Brentwood. PM me if you need directions. We have riders, and it’s gonna be a blast I tells ya!:smiley:

Sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunatley I must work on Saturday so I won’t make that one but would love to do the Sunday one if it’s done early enough. What time are you guys doing Sundays ride? I have to work at 4pm so I’d have to be back by then so I’m suggesting an early start time. Or I could possibly drive down myself and then just bomb down the trail when the time comes when I must leave. Just let me know when/where you are meeting and I’ll see if I can make it work. I’m waiting for new cranks from UDC for my muni so I’ll have to do it on my KH 20" which should be OK for that trail. I don’t have a Coker yet but will soon!

YEah me, john and don (maybe Jim too) are planning to ride iron mountain this sunday, but not exactly sure when we’ll get there. It’s pretty far away like 90 miles or so, but we plan to leave fairly early. I would suggest you drive yourself there since there will be 4 of us already in Jim’s car if we meet at his house and go from there. Then again, me & john may just go with don since he drives a hybrid and will be way cheaper on gas. If we do that then you mgith want to go to jim’s house and ride with him. Either way I’ll let you know asap.

i cant get a ride.:frowning: so im gonna do some muni where i live. have fun and ill see you at CMW 08

Ok Tyler and I’ll prolly see you all at the next OC club ride.

okay cool.

I Wanna Come!! Any One Wanna Come Pick Me Up???

In AZ? lol! I bet there are some good MUni places there.:smiley:

Yea! Come Get Me!!! Please Terry!!!

Ok I’ll be right over! :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, you’re coming to CMW '08 right?

ummm i dont even know where when or what it is…:slight_smile:

Well it’s a MUni event that happens each year somewhere in CA; last year it was held in Santa Cruz. This year is in San Diego. Here’s some info. [THREAD]63161[/THREAD]

NICE! I might have to come.
Ill talk my parents into it :wink: