Muni Clothing Reviews: Shorts, Shirts, and Sox

I thought this might be a good way to see what clothing people use for riding. So maybe we can organize it like this:

Sex: Male
Stature: 6’/200# (2.84m/94.4kg), generally wear XL in short and shirts.
Location: Southeast USA
Local Climate: Summer is Hot and Humid, Winter is Cool and Wet

Favorite Shorts: Hoss Mtb Shorts, nylon short with integrated liner and chamois. A decent all purpose short, Has been pretty good for keeping the jewels from rubbing, though I still get some catch on occassion. They don’t breath great, but they work, and they’re not expensive. Durability is okay. Fit true to size.

Favorite Shirt: Salomon Moto Zip T, an all mesh short sleeve shirt with half zip, styled as an mtb jersey, but without rear pockets. Very lightweight and super breathable. Sized to fit. The pefect short for riding in the Southeast USA!

Favorite Sox: I use Smart Wool ultra thin ski sox. I wear these as a rash guard and sweat absorber under my shin armor. They don’t make my legs hot and they really soak up the sweat and keep the armor from rubbing my legs raw, esp when I pick up some grit uner the armor.