Muni Choices!!!

I am thinking about buying a muni for some downhilled riding and i can’t decide if i should get a 24" 26" or 29" uni. If you guys have any light to shed on this subject please do :astonished:

A 24" is pretty much the standard. For Downhill you can use whatever you want and actually a lot of the downhill races end up being won by people on 20" unis. Really it all comes down to what you like the feel of.

Traditionaly a 24" is the downhill beast, 26" for technical cross country where you want the bigger wheel to go somewhat faster but you want something smaller than a 29er so its more maneuverable, and the 29er is usually for cross country riding.

That being said, there are many people who use all of these unis for downhill and it really comes to choice.

I used to think a 26" was best for me and after a few rides I hated it and now I have a 24" and I love it.

depends on your size and type of riding. i have a 26" and only weigh 158lbs but i love it. of course it matches my trails too. but i would go with the norm and get a 24"; you won’t be disappointed.

yea ur rite i weigh about the same as u do Catina but maybe i will stick with the norm thanks for all of your help guys now i was think bout the Dx Torker 24" for my first muni. Yes or No?

It is definitely a good first one. Another great option although expensive is to get a KH 24" wheel and put it in a KH 29" frame that way its easy to switch wheel sizes, but its an expensive route.

Actualy I would recomend going with the Nimbus 24" muni. It is cheaper and lighter than the DX, plus it is alot easier to find parts for. It also comes with and has room for a larger tire.

Doesn’t on the Nimbus, when your ready you can start swapping or for KH parts? Or are they not compatible.

yes the nimbus and KH hub are very similar, fitting the KH moment cranks on the nimbus hub is a very popular choice for trials riders who need something stronger than the nimbus cranks.

I have a 24 on the way…i hope its good:p

I made a thread about this a while back and again, the general response was that the 24 was the most diverse, and best over-all muni size

That really does clarify a lot for me thanks guys and how about seats is the mimbus seat any good or should i just save for a new softer seat because i plan to do long rides at least a couple of miles on mountain bike trail each day

A couple of miles isn’t long. 15+ miles is getting there.

The KH Fusion Freeride is much more comfortable than the Nimbus Gel IMO, but the Nimbus is easier to hold onto for SIF. For Muni, IMO the Nimbus is too narrow (making it wobble a bit rolling over tech terrain) and doesn’t remove enough pressure for circulation (I can’t ride it much more than 45 min.), the Freeride also has a tad more padding for bumps/drops.

The Nimbus comes w/ a wider rim (better for side hops, lower air pressure), 36 hole rim and 42 mm bearings (making it compatible w/ a KH geared hub) and as someone mentioned, lighter. It does not come w/ break mounts (you could weld some on, but the DX comes w/ them), and w/o upgrading the cranks (would make it more $ than the DX), they’re a bit week if you plan on doing drops.

The KH is THE lightest, strong, larger variety of available cranks (than DX), comes w/ 47 mm rim (even better for side hops & lower air pressure) and hydraulic brake mounts.

so your saying save for the KH and if not then the Dx then make the Nimbus almost like a last resort

No way. Nimbus first, its easily the best deal out there. If you think you can easily get the extra money for the KH then go for it but don’t leave yourself without a uni all summer because you can’t afford the KH.

I have the Nimbus ISIS unicycle in the trials size (19") and its an awesome ride. I totally suggest getting the 24" Nimbus ISIS and when you get it, spend the few extra dollars when you order and have them swap out the seat for a KH freeride.

The Torker is HEAVY, the cranks can mutilate your ankles, the rim is narrow and it comes with a 2.5" tire rather than the larger 3". I had one before I upgraded.

i love my nimubs. it’s a good muni. i would go nimbus and then if you have enough money go kh.

so go Nimbus then Kh and dont even think bout the Dx right, and the freeride will last me a long time cuz i dont plan on getting another seat for a long time

Just in case i want to buy a 26" i cant find one on UDC do u guys know of some where else (i rode my friends 26" and kid of liked it more than the 24")

I bought a nimbus seat a while back and have it in most of my vid’s. I love them and have never had a single comfort problem. The only issue is the bolts were wiggling lose, but a lock washer stopped that :slight_smile:

It is out of stock, there was one left when i looked a week ago…

i do a five mile loop at silver falls state park and by the end of it i am sore from the seat. my nimbus seat just simply doesn’t have enough padding, so one of these days i’m gonna put a channel in.