MUNI: Challenge! Who can land the biggest drop?

MUNI: CHALLENGE! Who can land the biggest drop? Send us a video of your biggest drop and the height from the ground to the top of the drop. The winner gets something from MUni International, so send us your videos to! :grin:

Well, that does sound like a challenge made for me… Unfortunately my favourite sandpits aren’t around here, so I’ll have to find some other place. (Landing in soft sand is cheating anyway…)

Any timelimit?

maybe you can go to the swimming pool or hop off a rock into a lake. You can easily get 10 metres and then ride away at the bottom of the lake. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m honestly so afraid of heights that I’m uncomfortable on even a 5m diving board, so that option is out for me, but maybe someone else wants to do it…

Warning: Fatal drops will result in disqualification!

Submission time limit: April 10th

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Haha true :laughing:

MUNI: The BIGGEST DROP submissions are rolling in! Send your videos to! :grin:

Mine is in a Moab video that was published by @scotthue in 2015!

We both did the big drop, landed on sand. I dont remember if I’ve done bigger, but it was tall haha.

5:32 ( but watch the whole thing :wink: )


The biggest DROP challenge submission deadline is April 10th. Send us a video and a measurement of your biggest drop to! :grin:
Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 9.30.20 AM

LAST CHANCE to send videos of DROPS and JUMPS! Send them to! :grin: