MUni category in SoCal DH race 5/2/10

Hurkey Creek in Idyllwild has some exceptional trails and the mtb races on the first weekend in May have an official unicycle class for the 5 mile super-D on Sunday. This a great opportunity to ride some trails that most of you have not been exposed to and promote our sport at an other than uni only event, not to mention meet more Southern California riders.

The course has more than 1,300’ of elev loss and only 43’ of gain over 5.2 miles. There is a lot of crazy fun single track.

Sign up today! You will be glad you did.

You have my attetion…

What is the planned attendance(uni)?

Hi Mtnjeffe,

How does the course compare with some of the trails at Aliso woods? Is it mainly cross country or more technical stuff?


100+ degree temps and no shade…yeah, that’s the ticket! :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

Mostly x-country, but all downhill. There is a good mix of single track and fire road. Last years riders may want to chime in here, but they finished the 5.2 miles in 40 to 50 minutes if that helps.

I am sure riders of all levels will enjoy it.


Bump. I’ll be there! Not sure whether I’ll ride my regular MUni or my kh 36er, so I’ll bring both. Since it’s mostly xc dh, I might go with the 36er just to see how fast I can bomb it, and hopefully get through it relatively unscathed! :smiley:

Looks like I am going to join as well! Bringing the 29er without brakes so I hope its not too technical. Will have to decide on crank length, would like to use 125’s but if I will need the leverage I bought some 145’s…Has anyone ridden this before?

I might bring my 24 just in case but it is so slowwww.

Who else is in?

Me and a friend are going. Do you sign up in advance or when you get there? Carpools anyone?

You can register when you get there. Deadline for online reg is over. I’ll be there Saturday around noon if anyone want to meet for a pre ride. Should be fun checking out the other trails as well! See ya there! :smiley:

I responded to your pm. Carpooling or at least a caravan sounds good. Is there a head count for those going up Sunday?

I am going up Sunday. My understanding is that registration is open until 11am. I will have a couple of tag-alongs in my car already.

Got two of us leaving from Orange County Sunday AM. Anyone want to carpool?

I’m already here! Heading down to Hurkey creek to check everything out,m and do a pre-ride. :):smiley:

At least 2 of us will be coming up from San Diego. I’ll have a 24 and 36. Andy with 24.

Terry, how does it look? All 36-able?

Pulled my left quadricep yesterday. Big bummer drag :frowning: . Doing all I can to try and heal but we’ll see…