[Muni] Bye Winter, Hello Spring

Here is a short video to welcome spring :smiley:

You’re getting good at downhill. Nice concept and great riding. Now I understand why you were so adamant about wearing body armour and a full face helmet; you just ride FAST through that stuff. Really liked the 0:50-1:10 section.

No schlumpf though right? Actually I’d be a bit afraid for you if you took the same mentality to riding at plus 50% greater speed.

LOL @ your dance too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :slight_smile:

The Schlumpf hub is in my 26" uni. After riding it for a few weeks now I tried out the KH24 again and it was a complete revelation since this uni is about 3-4kg lighter. I always thought that weight doesn’t matter that much but it does… and riding this heavy 26 GUni improved my downhill riding on the lighter uni a lot.

Haha, I am only good in dancing when doing it in a funny way :smiley:

That was great, good job! :smiley:

Your riding is really aggressive and I like it! :smiley: I need to move somewhere with terrain like that.

love the riding. and nice full face helmet it looked like it saved you a couple of time.

Really loved the dancing haha. and your lines are great. I need to film more muni but when I ride muni I want to enjoy it and just go fast.

Loved it! And a perfect song choice!

The wife spit coffee through her nose when you were dancing :smiley: :astonished:

Thanks for your comments.

It just looks like I fall on my face all the time, it does not really happen :wink: But I am prepared if that changes :roll_eyes:

I enjoy filming as much as riding therefore it’s not much of a problem. Moreover it’s a great workout to run up the hills to not waste tape and battery time. :smiley: You also learn to ride difficult parts if you try them over and over again until you are able to ride them without falling.

Since everbody seems to enjoy my dancing I will include a new performance in every new vid I make :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice video FtW :slight_smile: Nice fast pace which was accentuated by the music. Some of those sections were really steep. Nice one, well done.

I’ve watched this video 3 time already its that mean…