[Muni] Broken Leg

This isn’t me, BoffyTheUnicyclist posted it several hours ago in the OTG Flat thread. I think it deserves its own thread here. Really sucks with unicon so close.


wow, that’s unlucky!

Wow, that sucks bro! I’m REALLY sorry for you! :frowning:

How are you now? Everything ok?

I hope you still goes to UNICON, at least to watch and meet everybody… It’s a funny place and awesome experience for anybody who loves unicycling… Even if injured :wink:

I hope you heal really FAST! Soon you’ll be back to the tracks…!

Pedro :wink:

Oh, bad luck, bro. :frowning:

0:49 anyone else see the paramedic litter

I think on the otg thread he said he was going to go to unicon But I’m not 100% sure.

aw man that’s horrible…wasn’t even doing anything too extreme.

i can’t even complain about my knee now, it’s nothing compared to this.

Which bone?

It looks like they splinted and wrapped high… did you break your femur?

Yea Boffy is still going to unicon but he is going as a non-compater. he got a full refund of his money back that he spent on rego. (got the differeces back)

so far I know he has a wheel chair to zoom round in (fun)

get better soon bro

He broke his femur yes

Get well soon Boffy, that sucks.

oh that’s shit … i know how broken bones hurt :frowning:
i hope you’ll get well soon :slight_smile:

Ouch! really sucks to be out of Muni for something like unicon.
But I bet it was an experience getting an ambulance ride with unicycles!

Bad luck, hope you heal good.

Haha, I didnt until I watched it again.

bad luck man, but pretty cool that you got it on film, a story to tell the grandkids, the parameds must have thought you where taking the piss when you rang em. however this would be a great oppurtunity to practice your one- footed riding :wink:
heal quickly dude

That stinks man. Hope it heals up soon.

HAHA Thanks Every 1!!! i didnt even see this thread!

haha yes i broke the femur. just above the knee on the growth plate.- ill be walking like a penguin.

ill still be going to unicon! soooooo not missing it.
recovery is really good. im just very board.

thanks for posting this thread Julia B. and thanks every one for your support.
yes it does suck but atleast i can wheel chair wheelie every where! lol.

ill be hanging around at unicon so if you see a guy with broken leg then its me. come and say hi lol.

good luck with unicon!!!
cya all there!

uhh life s a bitch !

get well soon!

haha, got even worse… just got braces on :stuck_out_tongue:
lol. im doing a unicon help day today :smiley:
ill be putting your reg packs together :slight_smile:

check up today went really well! my leg is fully healed and i can walk and uni again! YAY!