Muni/big street uni crank questions

Ok my helpful unicycling companions, I need some advice. I’m really really sick and tired of doing muni on my 20". don’t get me wrong, I love my 20 for either trials or tech street, but riding any sort of distance on it is just annoying. In fact just getting o my local muni spots causes exhaustion because I’ve got to go across the river before getting to the muni ride. I really want to get a 24" and I’d be doing muni (maybe 5 to 10 mile loops max) and I’d also be doing some big street on it. After watching some of the 24" street vids it just looks like a blast. One thing that bothers me about 24" rides is crank length though. When I first started riding street on my 20" I had 125’s and was completely capable of just about every skill I tried. I could peck up solid slopes of more than 45 degrees, crankflip, 1-spin, and was decent at trials. Now I’ve moved on to 137’s on my KH trials, and I really enjoy them, but I do notice a slight decrease in speed from the 125’s.

What crank length do most of the 24" street riders use? 150’s on a 24 seem like intense overkill to me, I was thinking of getting a nimbus and equipping it with 137’s. I feel like the extra speed would be very helpful for street stuff. I don’t think that they would reduce my torque to the point of being unable to ride muni. Yes they might cause the occasional UPD on some steep downhill sections, but I could live with that. I think that the shorter cranks would make tooling around on flat a lot more enjoyable too. Basically what I’m getting at, do you think that a 24" uni with 137’s would work well for the type of riding I described?

I have 150s on m MUni…your a young feller so the 137s may serve you well.
I think I would lose a lot of my oomph on up-hills with 137s but I will be 53 in a couple of weeks…

137 would be fine but climbing the hills and decending steep trails will be tough w/o a brake.

Cedric runs 137’s on his 26

One big down side of doing street w/ a bigger wheel is overcoming the wheel’s inertial woould be harder (I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do a double flip on a 24 or larger)

I’ve never seen anything like it. Cedric Vincent - every time he goes out to ride he must damage himself. There’s no way he can not injur himself hitting the deck doing those stunts, and yet he just keeps doing them - utterly fearless and the most amazing unicyclist I’ve ever seen - amazing.

Yes, he must have some nasty falls. But watch him when he crashes, he knows how to crash and avoid big injuries.

Flipping on bigger unicycles is definitely harder, but people have managed to do some pretty hard flip tricks on big wheels. This video has a doubleflip on a 29er!

Whooooo Buddy…that Cedric can sure ride.
And yes…he falls goodly)))))

I don’t know much about 24’s, but I think most of the 24 street people use 137s. :slight_smile: I kinda want to get a 24 to ride street with now…

Petter can do them on a 29:

Jacob Spera does them a lot also, on his 24

I think the reason you don’t see it very often is because there are only like 3 serious big wheel street riders, and they mostly just do huge rolling hops and stuff, while all the people who can doubleflip only have a trials unicycle. (except Jacob of course)

Edit: unihopper beat me to it.

Now that you remind me I remember Peter’s.

But both of those are down drops.

Doing a double flip on flat is going to be harder and I bet on a 29 ~ as hard as a tripple on a 20 on flat.

I can do doubles up curbs, just gotta go fast and flip hard.

I didnt do them on flat in the video cause i dont think doing flips on flat in street video would really suit the mood you know.

awesome, you guys rock so much. I think I’ll begin saving up for a 24 with 137’s. I wouldn’t be doing much in the way of tech flip tricks on the 24, I’m more interested in skatepark fun and big gaps. How easy is it to put on and remove a brake? I feel like it would get in the way for street rides, but may be helpful for muni and such.

150 is standard on 24’s, my son rides with 160’s.

Moving a 24 x 3" wheel/tire is a lot more work than moving a 19 x 2.5, so bigger cranks improve leverage. I’d start with 150’s and see how that works for you. The folks using 137 and 125 are experienced muni riders.

If you only ride street now, you don’t know trail riding; that first climb up a muddy hill with roots and rocks is gonna be a real “trial” :slight_smile:

If your gonna ride muni it depends on your setup… are you going to have brakes?

What kind of muni are you going ride? you going to ride the trails and ride up hills and over rocks or are you just gonna look for the steep hills are see if you can go down them?

There is no answer to the perfect setup, and trying to have a unicycle for street and muni is really foolish. For street you want a slick tire and for muni you want a wide tire thats knobby.

When i ride muni i use a gazz 3.0 with 165’s and no brakes. I dont use brakes so thats why i use the long cranks and i ride strictly downhill. I dont much care for trails or riding up hills because its pretty boring.

So if you want to ride both street and muni get two wheelsets or be ready to change out tires and cranks for whenever you want to ride the trails or the street.

I currently ride Muni on my 20" with 137’s and used to ride Muni on my 20" with 125’s. My muni rides really consist of tooling around on some trails with the occasional steep down and up. I don’t mind pecking up trails, and don’t think I’d ever be riding wen it’s seriously muddy. My muni rides happen maybe once every 3 months and are usually about 2 miles maybe 3 long. Depending on how things feel I might get a set of longer cranks for muni, but getting a whole extra wheelset just doesn’t seem worth it especially because I won’t be riding muni that serious. I use muni more for a cool down lap after playing around at some of my favorite natural street/trials spots.

I have a set of 125’s for my 24" MUni, and have used them on pretty steep hills. Normally I ride with 150’s, but over the winter I wasn’t riding such intense trails, so I switched to 125’s to keep in shape. It takes a while to get used to them, but you can do quite a bit on them.

The other thing is that you could get 2 sets of cranks, and a crank puller. I swap my cranks out every other week or so, depending on the kind of ride I am anticipating.

Also, what JacobSpera says is right, things like coasting are pretty brutal with a knobby tire, unless you have really smooth shoes - and I don’t.

However, I don’t have a 20" - and so that’s my only option for street. It’s heavy and has alot of momentum, but it can still be fun.

Have you tried 125’s on the 24 for street or just the 135 & 137’s?

Just 135’s and 137’s for street