Muni: Bavington State Game Lands/Hillman State Park

Has anyone here ever ridden the trails at Hillman State Park? It also goes by Bavington State Game Lands by the MTB/BMX community. I’m looking to make my first real attempt at Muni there in the coming month or two and I’d like a heads up on what’s easy or doable. They have 25+ miles of trails, so I’d rather not just go explore.


Calling all Western PA and Eastern OH muni riders! Anyone ridden here? It’s supposedly the best riding near Pittsburgh.

It’s good riding. The Month Of Mud Series has used a Bavington course for an off road mountain bike Time Trial the last several years. I’m not sure which part is ridden, but it’s around a 7 mi. loop. I’ve done it the past 2 yrs on a uni and we’ve got enough locals we may try to add a uni class this year.

It is fun to ride, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best riding in the area. Personal opinion- I like things a bit more technical and hilly.

We, the Butler Wobble, ride a fair amount of muni. We do bike/uni polo, trials, and some 36er riding too. Butler, PA isn’t too far of a trip for you. Check out and give us a call. Also- Chas at ProBikes (mainly Squirrel Hill) is a muni rider and looking to put together more Muni stuff in the Pittsburgh area.

Thanks! I’ve talked to Chas and gotten a tire from those guys. I’ll check out the Butler stuff, but it’s a little far for me (over an hour and half from Washington).