MUni awareness is growing...


On Saturday night I introduced Unizaba at a Banff Film Festival tour
location to a crowd of about 1000 people. During the intro I asked for a
show of hands, asking who was familiar with mountain unicycling. So many
people put up their hands that I asked who wasn’t familiar with mountain
unicycling. Almost no one put up their hand. Pretty cool.


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Hey Kris, Do you know if Unizaba will be playing at the Sid Williams
Theatre in Courtenay? Thanx, )—(x) Dylan Wallinger Keep Riding

hey kris, do you know if unizaba will be playing at the Coolidge Corner Theater, near boston, in brookline anytime? thanks

hi kris,

when (never?) are the unibaza video, not the trailer in the world wirde
web for download ? in germany i can’t see it nowhere…


greets -felix…the english freak :wink:

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