MUni at "Stunt" trail, 4/26/08

One word comes to mind for today’s MUNi adventure: AWESOMELY BITCHIN’! Ok that’s two words lol! We had a pretty big group for today’s ride: From left to right in the pic below: Hans, Roland, John, Jess, Eyal, Jamey and myself. Paul and Julien were catching up and so not pictured.

We shuttled it and dropped in at about 1,700 feet and made our way down some very technical, steep rocky sections near the top, then it opened up to some really amazing singletrack, with more tech stuff mixed in, made for bombin! :smiley:

Although the heat was brutal at times, we were blessed-for the most part-by plenty of tree cover and nice shady spots to take a few needed breaks. It was about 6 miles down but seemed much longer 'cause we really worked it!

A couple of us ran out of water near the end, but fortunately, our cars were not far off by that point! Anyway, a great ride with a fun group!:slight_smile:

We were so busy riding, we didn’t take time to get any action shots, but here’s the group shot and a couple little friends we met along the way!

Now, seriously, did you get a free lunch at the end, like last time from Eyal’s Aunt?:wink:

Sorry I couldn’t make it. It sounds like a fun run. I remember the last write up on Stunt Ranch trail.

I am so out of riding these days, that jumping to anything technical is a recipe for disaster-injury.

So many Muni rides, so little time.:slight_smile:

Ride ON!

sounded like fun. i wish i was there.

Ya, it was a blast but definitely HOT! Unfortunately this is one of the only rides I forgot to bring my camera with as there were awesome colorful wildflowers everywhere and it was so pretty wish I could have taken some shots…oh well.

Thanks to all the SoCal muni crew for letting me tag along. Stunt trail on Saturday was indeed “awesomely bitching” as muniadict said. Also damn hot. Sunday’s ride up on the Jesusita trail in Santa Barabra at least offered a bit more shade.

A few picts from Stunt trail below, with more at


Just a little tired

Nice view of the technical section

Ive saw Bear Grills eat one of those things i think on Man vs Wild.

Edit, a caption for the picture, "MMMM A mans meal!’’

That was one of the coolest alligator lizards I’ve seen in the wild. Its tail was beautifully intact and super long; you can see it wrapped around Roland’s hand. Most have lost their tails in escaping predators and though they grow back, they never look like the original again.

Nice speciman indeed. Btw, when I held it, it clamped down really hard on my index finger, but I was wearing gloves so it didn’t hurt lol! :sunglasses:

Haha, I like irony of this one. Looks like a fun ride :).

No, no, no. Animals are our friends :slight_smile:

Looks like a great trail. Where is it located? I went to geoladders, but couldn’t find any trails by that name, is there another name for the area or trail?

No lizards were hurt in the filming of this ride.

unfortunately, one ran right under my tire just as I was mounting the next day. He scampered off into the bush, I hope he was ok.


that is a good question.
Here is the answer
Start: 34.0811, -118.645783333
End: 34.0769, -118.688733333

Plug these into google earth/maps (or a gps) and you’ll see the roads to get you there in a car. You need to leave at least one car at the bottom (or ride a long-ass windy hill back up). You’ll also need to leave at least one car at the top. There are places to park at both.

From the top you ride up a spine towards a water tower, then a bit further up, then its mostly downhill. There is one important left turn to make, at a shady spot (there aren’t many) that takes you across a creek. I think if you miss this you just end faster, but am not sure. The ride ends at another shady spot that (thankfully) had a running stream. From there you go up a short hill to the left to find the road, then a short ride downhill to the cars.

This makes me wonder, is there a ‘directions to great muni trails’ thread? Maybe there should be.


Me and and two other riders are doing two great tech trails in Simi Valley tomorrow; “Hummingbird” and “Devils Slide”, the latter which is 100% rock! They are fairly advanced and not for beginners.

But here’s Rod Wiley’s maps to trails in LA, which include the two above and more:

And others, including Sullivan Canyon:

i wanna go!

Ok, we’ll cya there!:stuck_out_tongue:

AHHH!! I wish I had my beautiful muni! I want to try to show Devil’s Slide who’s boss after getting owned so badly that first time! :slight_smile:

Hey, glad to see the website being used!! Thanks Terry,

BTW, If for any reason you are going to take Devils Slide all the way down to the bottom and into Chatsworth Park, know that the park is closed because they found lead in one of the areas because it was once a shooting range a very long time ago.

However, I doubt you guys will run that all the way to the very bottom, anyways. I am assuming you will be riding down through the upper tech section and then hoofing it up and down umpteen times. I just wanted to post the info, just in case.

Have a great ride!