Muni at BUC

BUC is not far off now (have your registered?) and I have been out checking out the Muni routes for the Sunday.

There are going to be 6 rides.

2 from the venue. These are for beginners or casual Muni riders. (I will upload these after Thursday when they are being ridden)

4 from Guisborough woods on the Northern edge of the North Yorkshire Moors.
This is a 50 minute drive away (19 Miles). See:

Here there will be a ride for the Trials guys were we will direct them to some appropriate rocks to throw them selves off! :slight_smile:

The other 3 rides have 2 common meeting places within them to allow riders to switch routes should they want.
Here is the ride for those riders who will be walking up the steep hills.

This ride is for intermediate riders who will be riding most hills.

This ride is for more advanced fast riders:

A quick note about the motionbased links… this is me riding on a 36", so the times may be a little faster than I expect us to do on the day.


Looks like you’ve been playing with your 305 while I’ve still got a 201 :stuck_out_tongue: though I have bought a BT GPS after playing with yours (your Nokia GPS that is :roll_eyes: )

Only 15 days to BUC :smiley:

Casual muni riders. That definately describes me. Casual muni rider who has registered and paid for BUC too.

Can’t wait.

By the way, Roger. Would that be for a casual muni rider on a 24" onza or a 29" nimbus with Bontranger tyre? What d’you think?

:astonished: Better start packing now.


and only 2 more days to pre-register!

We have also added more sizes on the T-shirts due to several requests for kids shirts. So there are 3 new kids sizes added.


For those who don’t know where the pre-reg site it is here:

It’s 15 days???

What? Geeez, I need to get my arse into gear.


is it possible to change the t-shirt size that i asked for when registering? there werent many options when i registered so i had to go for the closest, but i think something else might fit better and i might actually be able to wear it more than once if i can have a nicer size!
thanks for thinking about little people and women! really excited about BUC.


Email buc14 at with your request to change shirt sizes, but do it soon as the reason for the closing date… TODAY! is that the t-shirt order must go off. We will not have t-shirts on the door to sell (well not many).

Just as a note, I understand that the Girlie T-shirts are generally on the smaller size.

I will say it again in case people missed it. PRE-REGISTRATION CLOSES TODAY FOR BUC.


Hang on.
Is the t-shirt included in the pre-registration price?
I’m only asking because when I phoned up, the guy asked me if I wanted a t-shirt, and I said no thanks. I thought it would be an extra tenner.

Have I missed out on a this season’s must-have fashion item?

T-shirts are an extra charge.

In that case, forget I spoke.
Many thanks for the prompt response.

Of course, I’ll be wearing this to BUC…
(if you have to ask, you’ll never know)


In my quest to create tiny t-shirts for E, A & R… is the BUC logo on the front or back ( or both, or arms) of the convention T-shirt?
who has found a source of tiny t-shirts in plain colours.

Oh now, you can tell you’re a novice. You have to buy the t shirt if you go to a convention. :smiley:

then you can wear it to other unicycling events and other unicyclists can say to you “I see you’re wearing last year’s t shirt” (or words to that affect). Now who can pass up that opportunity?

Back on topic for a moment, if I may:

What is the technical stuff like on the trails? I’m slightly concerned that if you can ride it on a 36" it will be more like an XC ride than a challenging muni ride. Am I better off borrowing a 29er than using my 26er?


remember this is ROGER riding it on a 36 not a mere mortal. If its any of the routes used in previous years there are some nice challenging sections for you, a 26 will be fun, so will a 29er, ride which ever you ride best.
I have very clear memories of bouncing down a narrow rubbled path bounded on both sides by a barbed wire fence chanting in my head- "don’t fall off, stay on, don;t fall off "etc. Its XC but not boring XC.

This is the problem, I’m bad at non-technical distance or ‘route’ riding cos my fitness level isn’t great. Really technical singletrack I can get on with fine, where the group will be stopping to try sections (i.e. snowdon), but I can’t do a constant blast, my muni isn’t fast enough (26" with 165mm cranks) and I’m not fit enough. But, as I haven’t got any choice, some average Muni is better than no Muni at all :).

I was riding with long cranks! and I did not ride all the technical uphill (shame I know, but I did do all 3 rides back to back and I am really unfit).


Last time I rode there, I used a borrowed 29er, with 125mm cranks, cos all I had with me was a coker. It was alright, and I rode very fast, but I did feel that it was pushing it a bit on some of the very rooty sections, the only thing that got me over them in one piece was speed and luck. I wouldn’t ride a 29er there if you’re unfit, 29er muni is all about fitness, without fitness and strength, you’ll not get much advantage from a bigger wheel. The year before I think I rode it on the 26" which is pretty similar in speed to yours, and it was cool, although the ride was a little slow for me.

Also remember this is Roger we’re talking about, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d do even challenging xc rides like Snowdon on his coker, even some of the real hard xc rides in the Peak District are probably Roger rideable in the dry.

Off the top of my head, from places I’ve ridden that I know you have, it was more challenging than the downhill section at last years mountain mayhem, less challenging than Snowdon. There were some fun uphill sections in it too.


Here is the local ride… more or less. “Not so Tall” Paul and Tom did this ride while I opened the club up and I also gave them a bit of a duff instructions so you will see they got on the wrong side of the railway track. Although this does give a good clue as to the ride.