MUni at Aliso Woods tomorrow (Sunday 1/7/07)

Just a shout out to invite anyone in the general area who would like to join us for a fun afternoon of MUni at one of our favorite spots, Alsio Woods in Aliso Viejo, CA. It’s just above Laguna Niguel and the trails are technical and there are several great ones! PM me if you can make it. Meeting time is 2pm. Here’s a look at it:

And a fun little video from this very trail, (Shot several months ago) featuring the kids from the Orange County club.

im watching kids but I will stop by and hang with you guys for a little!!! Same meeting spot???

yeah at 2pm…Tim told me you were out of town! I guess you’re back now,cool. So far there are 4 confirmed; Me, Devin, Tim & new member, Eric, with his Dad hiking.