MUni at Aliso Woods (Technical DH)

Technical riding at lynx trail, at Aliso woods canyon, CA. 9/11/10.

The biggest challenge in setting up my ucc for steep, rocky dh riding, is trying to control its runaway speed! :smiley:

And can you walk a cat on a leash? Watch to the end and find out, haha!

I liked that :). Really cool that you start using the ucc on technical terrain!

Thanks. Because of the steepness of that section, it was really challenging to get the ucc to move at a steady, controlled speed, and be able to time my riding and stay in frame for the duration. I could’ve ridden faster, but the speed controller worked best at the speed you see. It’s only adjustable to a certain point. I need to refine it more.

The speed controller is rarely needed on smooth xc type singletrack, where you can ride at much higher speeds, but the really rocky terrain is like natural speed bumps that slow you down. But it looks great through the eyes of the tracking ucc, giving the footage a real flowing nature, and the viewer gets a much better sense of the riding.:smiley:

Terry … I admire your time taken to set up the cable cam so often. I know it takes time!

Terrific hard riding ol’ feller… you inspire.

Do you ever rest? I miss my cat.


Thanks Sean, yeah most people watching the videos don’t really know what goes in to setting up my ucc shots, like this one in particular, let alone finding the right locations and conditions that will work for the setup. For the technical dh ucc in this video, there was only one tree…really a “shrub”, at the low end. I tied to that but there was nothing at the top so I had to improvise.

I had brought a steel tent spike and hammer with me, so I tried pounding it into the ground about 120 feet up the steep hill from the shrub. It took a few tries before I could get the spike to hold as the dirt kept crumbling. Then, for the ucc to move freely from that point, I had to get the line (tied to the spike at ground level) ) UP off the ground, and I was able to prop it up about 3 feet by putting my tripod under it.

It was a precarious setup and I was afraid that at any second the spike could become a deadly “projectile” if the tension from the cable were to fling it out! But it held, and I got a few good shots out of it. :o Most of my ucc set ups are much easier and don’t take much time.