Muni at a bike rally

I attended the Homie Fall Fest in Minneapolis, Saturday. The Homie is a single speed bike rally/derby. This was the first year I muni’d it, because I wasn’t a unicyclist last year. I got a lot of positive comments for riding the muni. Quite a few people could actually ride a unicycle, and gave my muni a go. Maybe some more of the one-speeders will get into muni now.

The trails were great. Good singletrack, with a few really tough hills. The bike derby was really brutal this year. I was at a disatvantage on the muni, so I resorted to tackling riders as they slowed down for the turns.

Good ride, good beers… Max, you missed a hell of a good time.

Mojoe out

I forgot. Here’s some more pictures of it on the single speed forum.^17@.ef78e91


sounds like an absolute blast!
kewl pics


Cool. Looks like most of the bikes were using platform pedals. Single speeders are a strange lot.

The forum here chopped the URL off at the “^”. Here is a tinyurl version of that link

How did you on the muni compare with the other bikes in terms of speed?

While normal geared bikes are going to be much faster with just one gear there’s got to be a compromise between speed and being able to get up hills, so I presume that makes them slower?

Phil, just me

Most singlespeeders run a 2 to 1 ratio, so they’re usually pretty fast. The trails were twisty and hilly enough that I kept up really well. I would always catch up to them at the hills. Someone behind me commented that I must be spinning out, since I was going 11mph. I was really spinning my arse off on the flat parts of the trail.


is that a trail worth riding? I can get over there (if you tell me where again…) and if it’s good i would ike to try it…

Max, this trail is definately worth checking out. We parked at Minnehaha Falls Park, and rode South along the river. There is a paved trail with dirt trails dropping down to the river all over. The trails are between Minnehaha Falls and Fort Snelling.


So it’s just down the trail south of minnehaha? by the way, u hit any of the trials a the falls?