muni at 5am!

I’m hitting the Aliso Viejo trails Saturday morning promptly at 5 am! I’m doing this to beat the heat- I plan to stay out there 'till around 9am-ish, so I can get in a good 4 hours of riding and do some video taping.

I’ll be going solo tomorrow and trying out several new trail sections, including Mathis, which has a variety of terrain including very technical and rocky. I know this is last minute, but if anyone wants to come along, pm me asap becasue I’m hittin’ the hay by 8:30! (Aliso Viejo is in the Mission Viejo area, just above Laguna Niguel, CA. And of course I’ll be taking along my newest toy :slight_smile: (Below) Because when you’re over 50, you need every advantage! :smiley: (And I really need to remember to TIE my shoe laces!

ooohhh…congrats on the new KH! I’d love to go…but I’m like 6 hours away…by car.

Have fun, and post the video soon!

Where are you? How soon before Adam gets back?

I’m in Modesto, just south of stockton, for the summer. And I don’t know where Adam is.

sorry, can’t make and don’t really want to come:p


Do you mean to say that a good muni isn’t worth losing a little sleep? What’s wrong with today’s youth…

How’s the uni/muni up there?
I just checked and sunrise isn’t 'till 6am, but riding brfore sunrise sounds fun!

mostly my mom won’t drive me:)
I’m up to a ride (muni or street/trials) this week though. I keep missing all the rides with the entire OC uni club.

I’ve been wondering that myself. I know there are some good trails about 1.5 hrs east in the Sierra Nevada foothills, but to be honest, I’ve never done too much mountain bi-king or -iking around here.

What’s a good way to find nearby trails/spots?

Try here: it gives very detailed info on tons of trails.

Can’t really blame you.

I lived in Turlock for a couple years until a year ago. Other than the trails in the Bay Area, here are the closest rides I found:

There’s also some single track throughout East La Loma Park in Modesto.

sorry, but I have to ask - what is singletrack?

Go here to find out: Single track (mountain biking) - Wikipedia

Thanks. I should’ve thought of that to begin with. I saw you already got your morning ride video posted, but I haven’t watched it yet.

PArt of the reason for making it was because I found a cool song to start it off! But basically it was just FUN, especially riding at the crack of dawn for the first time!

Last night i was in Irvine all night. We taught a girl going to school there (UCIrvine) how to uni at 3am this morning. At 6am this morning she got on a plane to Modesto to see her family for the weekend. I thought that was funny seeing as youre in modesto and your location says irvine.

Terry: sorry for the thread jack. I’m done :stuck_out_tongue:

What was her name? Maybe I know her…