Muni at 24hours of Clear Springs, Mississippi

To any Muni nuts in the area there is a 24 Hour MTB event at Clear Springs State Park near Bude, Mississippi on the 28th-29th of October (this month). I’m planning on doing it on my Muni… From what I’ve heard about the course from the race director there are “only a couple steep uphills and one pretty technical downhill that may be faster to walk, the rest is pretty fast and flowing single track” (his words). It is longish loop of about 9.5 miles so one would have to stock up pretty good each time. I think it’s going to be fun. He was cool about having mountain unicyclists out there. Looks to be a fairly low key race at $85 and pretty minimal support but might be good for muni since it shouldn’t bee too crowded. For more info check it out:

Maybe I’ll see you there. I’m not an “awesome” unicyclist but I’ve done quite a bit of very tough ultra marathon running events (Hardrock 100 among other things) and I think this will be a fun challenge.