muni assembling

Hi, I’m a new member wondering if anyone has any info on ordering parts for a muni. I’m getting interested in it, but I can’t afford to buy a pre-made one… I figure assembling it myself might cut the cost down (right?), but I don’t have a clue where to get the parts from. Thanks,

self assembling is much cheaper, your right. the best place to get all the parts you will need in one place is <>. they have a wide selection of almost anything you might need. they also have good information about what you might want to start with for your riding. check them out and look around there. good luck with the Muni.

Re: muni assembling

Greetings and welcome!

If you’re in North America you can buy from, and
in Europe They carry quite a few inexpensive pre
assembled unicycles. Here are some United brand MUni models that are
each is under $150.00 USD.