Muni as a learner?

I have a friend who is really interested in learning to ride, and it sounds like she will learn too. would getting the nimbus 24" muni as a learner be a good idea? that way we can do muni once she gets good and she doesnt have to get a new uni.

Yes, it is possible to learn on a 24" muni.
You could make it a little easier by putting a smaller and much lighter (road) tire on it.

If she wants to do MUni in the future, it’s reasonable to buy a MUni now and learn on it. You’ll want to be sure it has plastic pedals while she’s learning.

But make sure you also get a pair of metal pedals with pins on for after the learning phase, as plastic ones are not much use in wet conditions.

Depends what plastic pedals and what shoes - I find Twisted PCs work fine in the wet with my AM41s.

I started with a used cyclepro 20", but after about 2 weeks, bought the Nimbus 24" muni. I think it is easier than the 20", as it seems to be more comfortable. I would go with the 24", especially if she is around your age. If I could do it, she’ll be able to do it easily!