MUni article in Spot on Magazine

Yes, more coverage for mountain unicycling. This time in Spot on, a German
magazine that appears to be aimed at an age range of around 10-18. This is
an interesting magazine in that it is available in several different
languages, and the articles contain underlined words that are explained
back into German elsewhere on the page. Seems like a great way for German
readers to learn other languages!

In the June issue on page 15 (English version) is a half page article
about MUni with a picture of Bruce Bundy at Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. This is
the same picture that was used by the Weekly World News a couple of
months back. Also in the picture are Nathan Hoover, Andy Jennings and Rob
Bowman. The article briefly explains that “everything crazy comes from
America,” and what MUni is about, including how it’s safer than riding a
mountain bike.

A link to my Web site was included, so people can find more information.

My compliments to the people at Spot on for a nice article, a wire
transfer payment for my image, and sending me three copies of the

Stay on top, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

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good advice