Muni article in Seattle Times

There’s a nice article on Muni and the UNICON races in today’s Seattle Times.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

The link David provided has a broken line. Try this one:


They make that coach and the competition sound like boot camp! I hate a competitive environment, I couldn’t be on any team where some guy is yelling “go, go, go” all the time. :slight_smile: Dang. I guess some people are into that. More power to 'em.


Cool article.

The trails they are riding on are at Tolt-MacDonald Park. It is one of the trails I have listed for a UNICON muni ride. <> I think they might know the trails up there better than I do, cause they don’t rely on a GPS to find their way back to the car. They’re fun XC trails up there.


Re: Muni article in Seattle Times

The newspaper article made Rodger sound tough. Our team isn’t all out for the
competitive aspects, but if you enter a competition shouldn’t you go into it
prepared. If telling the kids to keep moving in a simple manner(go go go) will
give them an edge, go for it. I work with these kids and we seldom bring up
medals and winning. We push the idea the every kid does their personal best.

Barb K.

Re: Muni article in Seattle Times

Do we bootcamp our little charges into the ground?

Well, sure. But only because they force us to.

Rodger would like to be tough–and would be if any of the kids took him
seriously. However, each time one of his little daughters sniggers at him from
her unicycle, his tough martinet image flushes itself down the toilet.

I try to force kids to do things like wear wrist guards, but nobody needs to
force them to plunge headfirst down into lakes (yes, I mean you Katy), or order
them to bushwack it down to the car (Daisy, CJ, you know who you are, but where
are you?).

We’re all having tons of fun together–especially when we can lose a Seattle
Times reporter on the trail, even though she’s on a bike! It was well worth the
“Go! Go! Go!” to put her in her place ;>)

David Maxfield
now get your butt off the sofa and ride to
Bainbridge Island, WA

I get the impression that you guys are having a blast and are doing what I simply fantasize about. Keep it up the good work and don’t let anyone or thing hold you back!

While I believe most journalists are ethical in trying to tell a story as they see it, they still are only one person relaying information to thousands of others from that one person’s perspective. Therefore, it sometimes lends it’s self more to art than science.