Muni Article in Jeep Magazine

My first “glossy” publicity:



I even did a little advertising for you, Gilby.

Terrific. I’ve got to see if I can find that magazine. Is there an issue number or a month on it? I like the One on 1 logo on page 26. Might have to print that onto a T-shirt.

Volume 4, issue 3.

The magazine is mailed to anybody who’s bought a new Jeep in the last 5 years. If you didn’t want to buy a Jeep, you might be able to find a magazine at your local Jeep dealer.

Nice going GB4, you are the man. What kind of Jeep did you buy?


That’s flippin’ awesome!!!


Cool, George. That’s some high rent publicity. Any more mileage on the geared unicycle? Speed records?

Heh, I’ve done some hot laps around the reservoir near my apartment. I’ve stopped keeping track of numbers, though I’ve passed a few Litespeeds. :smiley:

Mike - I’m the proud owner of a Liberty Renegade. It’s got the skid plates and rockrails… good thing too, given the places I’ve taken it.

It’s nice to know a few other RSU old timers still read the forums. :roll_eyes:

Nice article, George. Looks like the new job is treating you well… glad to hear it!

bravo sir.

One on 1

Great looking cover! And article! I bought a Jeep Liberty Limited back when they first came out in 02. I still get the mag for another year or so.

Don’t have the Liberty anymore, but I do have 4 others…69 Commando, 85 CJ7, 89 Cherokee, and 97 Grand Cherokee.

I’ve been Muni riding for about 2 years now and built an awesome ride this summer. Qu-Ax hub, 48-spoke Halo rim, Nimbus frame, Odessey pedals, IRC tire and tube, on and on…

I’d post pics of all them, but I can’t seem to get them attached.

Thanks for sharing gbarnes!
Kevin in Memphis

“he can hover, pedaling in one spot, like a helcopter”


You have a hovering unicycle too???!?!?!!!?!

My neighbors have been watching me learn how to MUni in the street. They came out last week and handed me that magazine with you in there. Cool beans! :smiley:

True true.

and I have a jeep, so I will be on the lookout.

Very cool, I have hiked there but never unicycled.


thanx for posting the pix too…i gotta see if i can track down a copy.

Cool stuff, i like the way they’ve written the name of the author and photographer on to the tyre side wall.

The second picture down on the right column is fantastic! Congratulations.


I stopped by a local Jeep dealer today and was able to get a copy of the magazine.

Thanks for the kind words, all. An extra big thanks to anyone who went to a dealer to get a magazine. :smiley:

Andrew - The picture didn’t really do that stretch of trail justice. I was dropping 3-4 feet over about 6 feet of trail. It was perfect because the top of the jump had a little kicker that would boost me up if I hit it fast enough. Of course I had to do that section 4-5 times just to get pictures… :roll_eyes:

Thanks John…that was extremely thoughtful. We Seattle area GB4 riders need to look out for one another.

Were you able to get an copy for yourself as well?