Muni Article in Dirt Rag Magazine

Just got the new issue of the Dirt Rag today. On page 10, there is a muni article by David Maxfield. Great job David!! The Dirt Rag is the best mountain bike magazine there is. It’s also responsible for getting me into muni in the first place. I saw an ad for in the back a couple years ago. It was the ad with Kris Holm descending some really steep rock on his muni. At the time, I was big into track bikes and single speed mountain bikes, so muni was just a natural progression for me.

Anyhow, check out the article in Dirt Rag, if you can find it.


an online version maybe?

They are still showing teh last issue online, so maybe check back later for the new issue. However, if you check out the article on the Homie Fall Fest;
you will see me on my muni if you look real hard.


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Re: Muni Article in Dirt Rag Magazine

The Dirt Rag issue with David’s article is on newsstands now. It’s issue 97. You can see the cover at
Unfortunately I couldn’t find David’s article on their web page.

Being the nice guy that I am, I scanned the article. You can find it here;
Click on the photo for a larger version.


stunning article!

thanx for the post!

Thanks for going to the trouble of scanning it, Joe.