mUni article in Charlotte Magazine (Charlotte, NC)

I recently was approached about being in an article about mountain unicycling for Charlotte Magazine ( ) which is a monthly semi-glossy about Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area.
I was really excited about the idea, I knew it would bring some good exposure to the sport in a market where mUni barely exist and few know about it. In the Charlotte area there are maybe 3 or 4 of us who do it and in the whole state maybe another 3 or so.
Anyway, the interview went well and then they sent out a photographer and took some trail shots of myself and Stinkster (he lurks around here but doesn’t post much). I don’t know how big or insignificant the article is going to be but something is certainly better than nothing.
The article is going to be in the March edition. I don’t know how people outside of our area would go about getting just that issue of the magazine if any of you would want a copy. You could try contacting them and maybe they’d send just one.

I’ll scan it and post it when it comes out though…

That’s great Zod. I look forward to the article. --chirokid–

Cool! Glad you’re getting some publicity! Where do ride in the Charlotte area? I don’t suppose you’ve tried Uwharrie on a MUni, I sure haven’t.

I’ll definitely look for that article.

Haven’t tried Uwharrie on a unicycle, I mUni mainly at PeeWee’s Mountain Bike Trail in Lincolnton, NC and sometimes at North Mecklenburg Trail in Charlotte.
This summer I plan on hitting more of the local trails…I need to branch out a little bit.

Re: mUni article in Charlotte Magazine (Charlotte, NC)

Did you see the article in the Charlotte Observer about the 5th(?) grade
class that was unicycling?
Had 4 or 5 kids riding as I recall.

Yea, I saw that article…it was about Cornelius Elementary I believe. They have a unicycle club that is part of the P.E. program. I was initially contacted to see if I was part of a club, they were wanting to do a story in Creative Loafing kind of like the one that appeared in the Charlotte Observer.
I told the reporter I was not in a club, that I rode trails alone. He had no idea and was excited about the idea of doing an article on mUni so he shopped it around to the local publications and Charlotte Magazine took the bait!
Incidently, I think Creative Loafing is going to have an article on Charlotte Country Day’s P.E. unicycle club in the near future.

When I can get my hands on a copy of the magazine I’ll scan and post it as well…but here’s the web article!!
I think it is a positive write up and should get people in this area thinking!

Great Article. Our newest Uni-Celebrity, ZOD!!! --chirokid–


Good article. I too enjoy the uniqueness of the sport, especially when you see the reactions from the spectators.

How close are you to Charlotte? My brother lives in Charlotte, maybe we could hook up for a ride next time I get down to visit him.


I live one county out of Charlotte, work in Charlotte, ride in Charlotte, etc…
Let me know when you’ll be in town and we’ll hit one of the local trails.

I just noticed that the writer said mUni started in the U.K.??? I am not sure where he got that because I didn’t tell him so. Oh well…